Fashion Slideshow With Awesome Trendy Transitions - Free Sony VEGAS Pro Template

Easily create a beautiful and fresh slideshow video with this template and show off your special memories with this free sony vegas pro template.

In this blog post, we'll be taking a look at the fashion slideshow template for Sony Vegas Pro. This awesome template comes with 12 different trendy transitions and is perfect for creating fashion-themed videos. We'll also be providing a free download link for this template at the end of this post. So, if you're ready, let's get started.

Ever wanted to create a slideshow video for your portfolio, but don't know how? Well, this video slideshow template has everything you need to create a stunning slideshow video in only minutes – no advanced VEGAS Pro skills are required. You will be able to edit the content and style easily with just a few clicks of the mouse. This is a modern and stylish slideshow template video that's perfect for corporate presentations or personal slideshows. The template features a stylish and minimal design, with smooth transitions and plenty of space for your text and images.

An aesthetic slideshow template video is a very easy slideshow Instagram template and can be the best way to showcase your fashion, gallery images, birthdays, or wedding images with wonderful transitioning effects and stylish animations. Use this project to create a trendy dynamic slideshow video for your father's images on father's day or a slideshow theme. The project is fully editable, add your own logos, customize the text and edit every color and overlays that fit best for your project. All the colors are fully customizable with a few clicks, so you can switch up the design to fit your needs.  Get started with this beautiful slideshow template today. This sony vegas pro template is perfect for making a beautiful slideshow with modern features, To help users get the best from Sony VEGAS Pro, many stylish and new features have been introduced in the template.

Fashion slideshow - VEGAS Pro
Fast Slides- Free Sony VEGAS Pro Template

Project Resolution

Instagram HD 650×650

Files Used

Project(.VEG), Overlays, Images, Sound, Fonts

Plugins Used

Sapphire Plugins From BorisFX

Vegas Pro is the best choice for your slideshow template needs. With one single click and you can quickly create a beautiful slideshow video with professional transitions and effects. Using the animation features, you can create amazing videos of any length – from 5 seconds to 10 minutes or more! Your audience will appreciate the easy-to-use interface, clean lines, and professional look of your slideshow project.

Sony VEGAS Pro is an amazing video editing software that provides all the tools to create filmic videos, especially when making photo slideshows, promotional videos, showcase videos, and wedding slideshow videos, VEGAS Pro is very useful to turn your simple, ordinary videos and photos to a strikingly aesthetic slideshow with wonderful effects, especially the new Boris FX has enough video plugins for making epic filmic videos, moreover, many new features have been introduced in VEGAS Pro 20 that help you create cinematic slideshows. Showing your images with modern styles and the transition with a cinematic sound is making a trend, this slideshow project exactly meets all the requirements that are necessary for a fashion slideshow template, It includes many elegant animations and 3D animations that are best for slides templates academic. If you're working on a promotional video for a fashion brand, then this VEGAS Pro template suits best for presenting fashion brands with epic transitions and modern styles.

Slideshow Features

1. Stylish Showcase Intro

Before the images' animations, a nice intro has been added to introduce the viewers to the video or if you're making it just for your fashion photos to show off the video then there are already some nice words created, here you can just replace the name with your name as shown in the following image. This intro is animated with sound beats that make it very cool while viewing.

Showcase Intro

In the tutorial video, two samples are used and you'll see both samples have different intros, the tutorials explain all the effects one by one that needs to be customized.

2. 3D-Star Shape

Let's see what's something new in this photo slideshow template. The new feature in slideshow (14) is the 3D-Star shape that's not present in the previous slides, The Star shape is created in 3D style and the image is merged in the center of the star, Showing your image in the middle of the star gives an amazing look to the viewers.

3D-Star With Sparkling Effect

It's a little difficult to create 3D effects in Sony VEGAS Pro but If you're successful in creating 3D effects then it's a big achievement, Download the free fast slideshow template and customize your image in the 3D-star shape.

3. Animated Background

Imagine, How would it look like when showing your images in the animated background? Yes, it's the feature that's present in this project, Masking has been done on the object and the background has been removed. After replacing your images in the project just enable the mask, and then mask the person and the animated background will automatically show up.


A nice stylish animated background is added in the format, Coloring is also applied on the animated background, the coloring has been applied so that the color of the background video can be matched with the main object's color in the image, If you view the below video tutorial you'll see that the sample video #2 has a different color from the first one.

4. Modern Animated Outro

At the end of the slideshow, a nice modern outro is added showing the editor's name, In the following image it's written S.F representing Shinesfox edits, You can change it for your personal preferences.

Modern Outro

Adding an Outro at the end of the edits is considered to be a good part of a slideshow video, The outro is also animated with shake and masking effects.

So how to replace your images in the project? It's very easy to use, you just have to customize your text and drag your images in the images folder (Images to be replaced) and if you want to add your own images, logos, or text, then you can also add them easily, To customize the project and change your images and text, A full step-by-step video tutorial is given below. The tutorial explains all the steps for editing and customizing the project template without getting any errors.

Slideshow (13).rar 120.86MB
Mirror Download Link

This slideshow features dynamic and hipster-style elements, The project comes with fully editable elements, All the effects can be slow-down or speed up, and the colors of the text and coloring effects can also be changed according to your preferences. Download the free Sony VEGAS Pro Slideshow Template including amazing colorful overlays, 3D effects such as 2D Box with grid styles, 3D-Star effect, and much more. Let's talk about the sound, The sound used in slide(14) is somewhere fast and somewhere slow so the animations go fast when the sound is playing fast and when it's slow then the animations are also slow, This is the main thing of good and smooth editing, it's considered good to edit your video with music's beats. Shinesfox is creating different content, It's easy to create 3d effects in Adobe's Products like it's very easy in Adobe After Effects, but in VEGAS Pro it's difficult for the editors to learn the complete tools to make 3d content, But shinesfox is doing the best to provide the best possible content for Sony VEGAS Pro, The goal is to make the new content that someone isn't making in the program that we're using, so that's why shinesfox is trying to create something different.


This slideshow template will help you create a nice presentation for your portfolio or for an event. It features professional animations and music to make your video interesting. A fashion portfolio slideshow is wonderful to showcase your special memories to the audience, If you're looking for a template to create a fashion, wedding, or birthdays slideshow video, this slideshow template is perfect for showing your memories as it includes all the requirements that are needed for a slideshow video. Now it's your turn to download the free Sony VEGAS Pro template and create your slideshow video.

Let me know which thing you liked the most from today's post, and if you want to ask any questions regarding the projects, feel free to leave a quick comment below.

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