Videography Intro Template For VEGAS Pro + Free Logo Design PSD

Searching for videography stuff? Try this clean videography intro template. It's perfect for any type of video that has to have a professional image.

Looking for a method to recognize your videos? Check out this videography intro template for videos. This template is ideal for corporate films, product promotions, and any other form of video that requires a professional appearance due to its contemporary and clean style.

Videography intro template + free PSD

Hello creators, my name is Usman and today I'm presenting you a cinematic videography intro template for VEGAS Pro along with the free PSD file.

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The Story - Videography Project

The narrative starts with a filming assignment. I was hired to edit material to promote a company that specializes in wedding videography. The main task was to produce a cinematic videography logo and a short introductory movie to show off the branding. I started by creating a videography logo and then putting it with a cinematic filmic text. After some editing, the cinematic videography logo was ready for animation, Next, I turned this whole logo into the introduction video to showcase the branding with the help of some animation inside VEGAS Pro.

Important things to consider while making a Videography Intro

Let's go through some of the crucial factors to take into account while creating a videography intro video.

1. Combine your text and Icon

 According to my experience, in a videography intro, there should be a camera or brand icon which should be combined with the company title, the icon will basically represent the company's branding, additionally combining the company's subtitle will increase the overall result.

In order to showcase the firm intro, as I described while designing this project, my first step was to build a cinematic-looking camera symbol. In the second phase, I generated a basic text and combined it with the camera icon to represent the company intro.

2. Simple animation to fit in every video

The first thing that you should keep in mind while creating intro videos is that they should be simple and clear so that it does not distract viewers from watching your main content.

Before making an entrance video, it's essential to incorporate a straightforward animation that can be utilized for any duration of the movie without compromising its entertainment value.

3. Achromatic color to match any video

If you want to create a video that fits with a particular color scheme and style, then the choice of your color palette is the first thing to be mastered.

It will be very easy if you take into consideration the achromatic color which has its own special characteristics. Because they are achromatic, neutral hues like white, gray, and black go with almost anything. The achromatic hues, despite the least striking of the color impressions, are undoubtedly the most intriguing ones since they may be utilized to complement any other color.

4. Make your Intro transparent background

The second important phase while creating a videography logo is to make its background transparent. This stage will aid you in the animation of the films and the placement of your logo in various locations across the videos.

In today's project, The PSD file with transparent background is included in the download file, I used this PSD file in the final Introductory video of the project.

Customizing Project

Before moving on to the customization there are two editing applications you need to have:

  1. Photoshop for changing text, font, and icon
  2. VEGAS Pro for changing animation, overlays, background image, and sound

Once you've downloaded the project, Install the font provided in the "Font" folder.

Phase 1 - Photoshop

Photoshop - Videography Logo template free download

Open the provided Photoshop file "Black" and make any necessary changes to the icon, text, or other elements, after that save this file under the same name as when it was first saved, in simple, replace this file with the old one.

Phase 2 - VEGAS Pro

Moving on to the next phase open the VEGAS Pro project "Intro" and make your adjustments regarding animation, overlays, and background image.

VEGAS Pro - Videography Intro template free download

When you're done with the adjustments just go for rendering and render with VEGAS Pro's preferred resolution, or you can go with your own custom resolution.

Watch the instruction below if you're facing any customization-related problems; it will resolve all of your issues.

Download the Videography template for Photoshop and VEGAS Pro

A videography intro template is a pre-made introduction for your video that includes your logo and branding. It's a quick and easy way to add professionalism to your video without spending a lot of time or money on production.

Download: Videography template - free download

I sincerely hope that after reading this essay, you learned something new about creating intro and logos for your videos. It's now your chance to let me know how this post has benefited you by leaving a brief remark below.

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