Free Sony Vegas Pro Templates And Presets For Commercial Use

Download The 55+ Free Presets For Sony VEGAS Pro, Shinesfox Presets Pack Include Free Transition, Text Effects Presets And Much More!

Making Sony Vegas Pro Templates is a good way to build trust with clients, and it gives a great touch of experience, introducing your content to clients gives you a very nice touch of personality. How to make the best content? it depends on your skills and hard work, you can make your video cinematic, modern, premium, volumetric look by adding transitions or effects, lowers thirds, and titles, you can also make your creativity better by adding cinematic coloring light leaks overlays, and other various effects. Vegas 3d slideshow is free for downloading and Shinesfox's all content is compatible from Sony Vegas Pro 13.0 to the latest MAGIX's 19. Like the other ones this edit also requires a plugin which is a sapphire plugin and It's available free at Shinesfox's website.

Lazyload image

I always looked for the 3D triangle effect when I was a beginner but when I used to watch a tutorial to do this effect then I always come to know that I can't do this 3d cube effect but after learning this video editing software day by day, now this is my left-hand game. This is shinesfox 2nd fresh sony vegas slideshow template of 2024, I thought that I have improved some effects and now you'll see that my 2024 edits will be smooth, this is the best thing I love about shinesfox work is that Shinesfox's maximum edits are smooth fast to see but I am sorry that they are shorter but some people love to watch these types of edits which I am creating. I consider letting you know about the requirements and the data or the files which you are going to use.

Project Resolution

Instagram HD 640×650

Files Used

Project(.VEG), Overlays, Images, Sound, Fonts

Plugins Used

Sapphire Plugins From BorisFX

I found many editors creating projects for the software and most of them are making intros and full HD editing opener videos then because I can also make AMV Edits, I decided to upload my content which I will give to editors to download free, then I also started to make 3d edits like others but shinesfox models are different than the other's one you'll find Shinesfox's formats unique because shinesfox formats are difficult to edit and that's the main reason I am slow in uploading my creation, my creation takes time to be edited but they are mostly shorter of some seconds or of a minute but the unique thing about shinesfox work is that they are smooth and are a form of amv edits.


  • AMV Stand for Anime Music Video.
  • It's a video edited by the fans of a big personality.
  • This video is edited using popular effects transitions.
  • Many apps and video editing software can be used to edit this type of AMV edit.
  • Video Star is a famous app for editing amv edit.
  • After effects, Sony Vegas Pro is the famous software for editing amv on Instagram.

AMV Slideshow Template

This is the main thing I want to clear that shinesfox is creating amv slideshows that, no or very rare editors give templates of amv because amv edits are difficult to edit it requires high time and hard work to be created, I found amv edits at Instagram, a lot of editors are making these type of amv work in after effects & some in video star. Many fans of Noah Urrea are making these types of edits. I really love these types of the opener, then I decided to make one after I start uploading & now it's my 9th 3d slideshow.

Free Sony Vegas Presets Pack (Updated)

In Sony Vegas Pro presets are the trick or a way to make & save a set of editing effects adjustments and transitions, after that these same saved adjustments and effects can be re-applied to multiple videos and photos with a single click to save your time and work.

What are presets in Sony VEGAS Pro?

Presets are a collection of pre-built video effects, transitions, and animation tools that can help vegas pro users to modify videos by just dragging and dropping them in seconds. Download the free transitions FX presets pack for sony vegas pro.

How to install presets on Sony VEGAS Pro?

  1. If VEGAS Pro is running close it.
  2. Download and install the preset manager from the given link.
  3. Once you open presets manager locate and open your downloaded presets pack(SF), Or you can directly open your downloaded presets pack(SF) without opening presets manager.
  4. When all the presets are opened, select them all and locate the icon named "copy to system" in order to copy presets into your system, just click on it and you're done.
  5. Restart VEGAS Pro and find your presets by locating the "Filter Packages" tab inside FX Tab in VEGAS Pro.

How to save presets in Sony Vegas Pro?

  1. First of all, Add your transitions and adjustments to your video/image.
  2. After that open the Event FX tab and click on FX+(Plug-in Chooser), then go to Filter packages in Plug-in Chooser - Video Event FX.
  3. In Filter Packages click on Save As... name your preset and just click on Ok.

How to add/import presets in Sony Vegas Pro?

  1. Open the Event FX tab of the image/video layer and go to the Filter Packages where you saved the presets.
  2. Select your preset and click on Add and then on Ok.

Here's a quick video tutorial showing two separate methods to import and export presets in Sony Vegas Pro.

Download the free preset pack from the given link and enjoy dynamic transitions effects in your editing inside Sony Vegas Pro. The download file contains More Than 110 Free presets along with Preset Manager 2.0 to install the presets in your system.

Smooth AMV Sony Vegas Pro Slideshow (9)

In the Shinesfox slideshow (9) various improvements have been made New & good feature is the 3d cube and the new awesome-looking effects is the wave warp when an image comes it looks very effective and modern with zooming out and warping the image. In this free Ultimate 2024 Slideshow template, 21 images can be replaced.
Let's have a quick review of the 3d modern slideshow that I am creating projects file in the following video.

This is the 8th slide that I created at the end of 2019, today I am going to launch Best creation of 2024. The Best Advantage about my models is that you can make presets and from these, all presets which require sapphire plugins you'll be able to make a huge pack and then you can use them to make your editing fast and easy, here is the download link for downloading shinesfox free sony vegas pro templates and presets.

Shinesfox Free Slideshow (9): Check Out What Are You Going To Download.

Slide (9) + Presets Pack.rar 26.89MB
Mirror Download Link

Download the free updated presets pack for Vegas Pro 13-17 for making amazing slideshows. The Presets Pack contains many transition effects for the zooming rotation fisheye shakes etc.

I am an experienced content creator with a track record from 2018. Over the years, I have specialized in creating exceptional video and photo templates that have garnered positive client feedback. Many of my clients have expressed that I possess a unique ability to replicate the stunning effects typically associated with Adobe After Effects within the Sony VEGAS Pro software.