Top 18 Essential VEGAS Pro Plugins For Accelerating Your Workflow - 2024

Looking For The Best Sony Vegas Pro Plugins, Well Today, We Have The List Of Top VEGAS Pro Plugins You Need To Know.

Sony VEGAS Pro Is a Powerful Video Editing Software Used By Professionals All Over The World. However, Its True Potential Can Only Be Unlocked With The Help Of Plugins. In This Article, We Will Take a Look At Some Of The Best Sony VEGAS Pro Plugins That You Need To Have In Your Toolkit. These Plug-ins Are The Best Add-Ons That We Have Discovered In VEGAS Pro To Add More Tools And Accelerate The Workflow, Installing These Plug-ins Is Effective In Certain Cases Where You Want To Add And Customize Visual Transitions, Effects, Color Looks, Royalty-Free Sound To Your Films, These Add-Ons Gives You More Extra Features In VEGAS Pro.

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Vegas Pro Is a Video Editing Software That Is Used By a Lot Of  Professionals. It Has a Wide Range Of Features And Plugins That Make The Editing Process Easier. Initially, VEGAS Pro Was Founded By Sonic Foundry After It Was Sony's Software That Made Many Versions Of It, Currently, VEGAS Pro Is Owned By MAGIX And They Announced To Update It, Recently VEGAS Pro 20 Has Been Released By MAGIX With Amazing New Features. In This Article, We Will Take a Look At The Best Free And Paid Vegas Pro Plugins That Are Currently Available In 2024.

VEGAS Pro 21 brings AI capabilities, so we've compiled a list of top AI-powered tools for VEGAS Pro:

The Plus Point with The Best Plug-ins List, Also Download the Free Transition Presets Pack Which Has So Many Animation Presets For VEGAS Pro Users.

Best Sony VEGAS Pro Plugins: Top in 2024

VEGAS Pro Has Evolved And Developed, But It Still Offers All The Basic Features That An Editor Needs To Create Professional Videos, Of Course, There Are Many Plugins Available To Add To The Vegas Pro Software Package. Some Of These Plugins Are Free And Some Need To Be Purchased. Explore The Best VEGAS Pro Supported Plug-ins To Add More Amazing Features, Installing The Plugin-ins Adds More Tools To Edit Your Films Professionally. Let's Find Out The List Of Essential MAGIX Plugins To AMP Your Editing Workflow.

As An Vegas Pro User, Did You Ever Feel Like What Are Best Sony Vegas Pro Plugins? 

Or What Is The Best Plug-Ins For Titles, Color Grading, 3D Models, And Smooth Animation In Sony VEGAS Pro?

Congratulation, You're At The Right Place!

We've Analyzed a List Of Top VEGAS Pro (svp) Plugins You Need To Know.

  • VEGAS Expansion Packs
  • Sapphire Visual Effects Plugins
  • Continuum - Boris FX
  • Magic Bullet Suite
  • Universe
  • NewBlue TotalFX
  • Twixtor Pro
  • ReelSmart Motion Blur
  • Mocha Pro
  • Ignite Pro
  • Boris FX - RED
  • proDAD Vitascene
  • Vegasaur Film Looks & Toolkit
  • SeMW Extensions
  • QuickTime
  • SmartSound Sonicfire Pro
  • VASST Software VEGAS Po Plugins
  • DEFlicker - Re:Vision Effects

The list also contains some free plugins.

1. VEGAS Expansion Packs

VEGAS Creative Software Has Done a Lot Of Help To The VEGAS Pro Users, So Far VEGAS Pro 20 Has Been Released With Many New Professional Features And Bugs Fix Till The Date. Recently They've Teamed Up To Launch A Complete All-In-One Expansion Bundle To VEGAS Pro, MAGIX Is Introducing The VEGAS Expansion Packs With Many Other Professional Hosts, The Main Advantage Of This Pack Is Its Complete Package. It Includes Professional Plugins For Visual Effects, Text Animation, Color Transitions, And VFX Plugins.

One More Interesting Thing About VEGAS Expansion, It Comes With Movie Expansion Volumes And Sound/Audio Expansion Volumes Separately, So You Can Get The VEGAS Packs According To Your Personal Choices.

1. Movie Expansion Pack Vol. 01

With Movie Expansion, You Can Create Modern Transitions, Smooth Title Animation, Visual Effects, And Much More, It Provides A Complete Collection Of Visual Effect Plugins, Filmic Filters, And Professional Tools.

Movie Expansion Volume 01 Features:

  • Boris FX Continuum 2021.5 Particles Unit
  • Boris FX Continuum 2021.5 Image Restoration Unit
  • Boris FX Continuum 2021.5 Film Style Unit
  • ActionVFX Action Pack
  • NewBlue Transitions 5 Ultimate
  • NewBlue Titler Pro 7

Price: $199.00

2. Sound Expansion Pack Vol. 01

Using VEGAS Sound Expansion Step-up Your Audio Editing/Mixing With Awesome Modern Tools, It Includes The Complete Infinite Tool Kit To Create Enthralling Sound Effects Inside VEGAS Pro.

  • Sound Expansion Volume 01 Includes:
  • Zynaptiq Wormhole
  • AUDIO PLUGIN UNION color Suite

Price: $99.00

2. Sapphire Visual Effects Plugins - Boris FX

Next On Our List Is The Sapphire Plugin, This Plugin Gives You a Ton Of Great Effects And Transitions To Choose From, And It's An Essential Tool For Any Serious Sony VEGAS Pro User.

In Our Opinion, Sapphire - Boris FX Are The Best Plugins For Extra Effective Features And They Are More In Numbers As Compared To Other Third-Party Plugins In This List, Our Content Creator Says "I Used Sapphire Plugins In My Maximum Videos And This Plugin Has Given Me A Great Creativity In Editing" This Plugin Is Amazing For Adding Smooth Transitions, Effects Etc. One More Advantage Of Sapphire Plugin Is You Can Make Presets Of Your Work And Save Them. After You Can Use The Same Effect On Different Videos. We Also Made Some Presets For Content Creators So That They Can Save Time, In Presets You Just Have To Pick And Drop The Effect On Your Photo/Video, And Then Your Photo/Video Slideshow Effect Is Created. This Plugin Is Best For Transitions And Video FX.

Most Used And Popular Sapphire Plugins Are Listed Below: 

The S_BlurMocurves And S_Shake Plugins Are Two Of The Most Popular Sapphire plugins.

S_BlurMoCurves: The S_BlurMocurves Plugin Enables You To Create a Blurring Effect That Can Be Used To Soften Edges Or Create a Dreamy Look.

S_Shake: The S_Shake Plugin Creates a Realistic Shaking Effect That Can Be Used To Add Excitement Or Drama To a Scene.

If  You're Looking For Sapphire's S_BlurMocurves, And S_Sahke Effect Plugins Feel Free To Download Them From The Given Link Below.

Price: $495.00/Year + Free Trial Version Available

New Features Of Sapphire 2022.5

  • Faster speeds! Big speed gains for Resolve with support for multi-GPU systems
  • Enhanced effects! 15 LUTs added to S_ColorFuse
  • Improved workflows! Alpha support and interactive widgets for Sapphire Photoshop
  • Tons of presets! 150+ presets added including Lens Flares, Light Leaks, and more

3. Continuum - Boris FX

Another Great Plugin For Sony VEGAS Pro Is The Boris FX - Continuum Complete Plugin. This Plugin Gives You Access To A Huge Library Of Effects And Filters, And It's An Essential Tool For Anyone Who Wants To Get The Most Out Of Their Sony VEGAS Pro Software. Like Sapphire Plugins It Also Comes With So Many Transitions And Visual Effects. Boris FX Has Included Many New Features In The Latest  Version Of It. Accelerate Your Workflow Using Continuum Plugins.

Price: $195.00/Year + Free Trial Version Available

New Features Of Continuum 2022.5

  • 15 new accelerated transitions & 5 effects
  • Lots of presets: 60+ new transition and effect presets including Video Glitch, Light Leaks, and Camera Shake
  • Speed improvements: Up to 35% quicker renders for all BCC+ effects
  • FX Editor: New user-friendly onscreen controls
  • Particle Illusion: UI improvements, Text/Mask Emitters, and 3D model support
  • Mocha masking workflow improvements

4. Magic Bullet Suite

Without Coloring A Video Can't Be Considered The Best Video, It's Very Cool And Important To Add Coloring To Your Videos, It's The Coloring Which Makes A Video Cinematic Lumetri Look After Color Correction Our Footage Looks Very Cool And Premium. There Are Many Coloring Video Plugins Inside VEGAS Pro Through Which We Can Adjust Our Brightness Contrast Etc, Magic Bullet Suite Is A Complete Suite In Which Filters Are Already Adjusted With Many Cinematic Filters. In This Suite, There Are Very Cinematic And Premium Looks Which Can Be Used To Make Videos, Films, And Shots With An Awesome Cinematic Look. I'm A Regular User Of Magic Bullet Suite, We Apply Different Looks On Videos Without Doing Coloring Work In Dept. When We Apply Different Filters The Whole Look Of The Videos Converts Into A Very Cool Vintage Look. After Using It For Some Time Now It's Our Most Important Plugin For Our Videos. Like The Other Plugins, In Case You Don't Like Some Adjustments Of The Looks Then You Can Also Adjust All The Effects Of The Looks Like Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Saturation, Opacity, And Much More.

Price: $999.00 + Free Trial Version Available

What's New In Magic Bullet Suite?

  • LUT Browser (NEW)

Red Giant Is The Best Company For Providing Plugins To Make Your Film A Visual Look By Using Distinct Plugins In Your Software. Red Giant Is Also Providing A Whole New VFX Suite Which Can Be Use In VEGAS Pro And Other Applications.

5. Universe

Universe Is Another Mostly Used Plugin In VEGAS Pro, It's Used To Add Modern Visual Looks, Transitions, and OFX Effects, To Your Videos, Universe Plugin Also Gives You A Set Of Motion Graphics Which Can Be Used To Include In Your Films. Some More Good About Universe Plugin Is You Can Make Presets, This Plugin Also Gives You Inbuilt Presets For Transitions. Many Rare Text Generators Are Available In Sony VEGAS Pro Universe Also Allows You To Make 3D Awesome Text Through Universe Text Generator. Our One Friend Is Using Universe Plugin For Making Her Instagram Edits, And She Rates It 1st In Her List.

Price: Free, Download From Here

Universe Plugin Features


6. NewBlue TotalFX

NewBlueFX Is a Collection Of Video Tools That Include Titles, Transitions, Effects, And Generators. It's One Of The Most Comprehensive Suites On This List And Can Make Your Work Look Professional. If you're looking for a wide range of tools to help improve your workflow or create something unique for your project, this may be an excellent choice for you. Are You Searching For Some Plugins That Do Something Amazing To Bring Your Editing To Highest Rank In Film Making? NewBlue TotalFX Is The Third Party Extension That Includes Various Plugins To Make the Best Transition And Effects For Different Types Of Editing. Here Is The List Of Some Latest Effects Which Provide NewBlue To Use In VEGAS Pro 20 And It's Older Versions To Create Amazing Videos By Adding Rich, Dynamic, Or 3D Titles, Graphics Animations, And Various Transitions.

Price: $14,99.00

NewBlue TotalFX Features

  • Titler Pro Ultimate

Titler Pro Allows You To Create Retro Elegant 3D Text With The Feature Of Animation, Media Text Generators, It Provides You Many Features For Making 3D Text. Titler Pro Ultimate Delivers Outstanding Exceptional Productivity Allows You To Create Stunning 3D Animated And Motion Graphics Inside VEGAS Pro.

  • Essentials Elements

Use 275 Modern Presets In 28 Enhancing Video Effects On Your Video, New Blue TotalFX Include a Complete Content Transform Scenes Presets. Include diverse Presets That Can Be Used As Composition Filters To Make Videos Vintage Look By Applying Various Effects. Essential Elements Provides Many Lens Flare And Flashes Which Are Used In Film Industries, Enjoy Essential Elements With The Best Stabilization, Skin, Color Touch-Ups, And Camera Flashes.

  • Filters Ultimate

Significantly Amplify Your Film Through Arrangments Of Distinctive Looks, NewBlue TotalFX Includes Light Leaks, Film Looks, And Color Correction. Here, There Are 250 Presets In 27 Video Effects To Amplify Your Videos Drastically.

  • Transitions Ultimate

What Is The Best Way To Make Good Looking Video When Another Videos Comes And What's The Best Way To Display An Object In The Video? New BlueFX Comes With Over 100 Of Transitions For Dissolving Different Objects Dramatically.

  • Stylized Ultimate

In Editing, a Simple Video With Transitions And Effects Is So Good, But What About Converting Videos Into Cartoonish Look. Adding Different Styles To Your Footage Through New Blue FX Stylizers Makes Your Footage Amazing For Desired Viewers.

7. Twixtor Pro For VEGAS Pro

One Of The Best And Cool Effect In All Videos Is Speed Ramping, Slow-Motion, And Acceleration. VEGAS Pro Supports a Plugin That Can Slow & Accelerate Your Videos But Its Original Plugins Can't Slow Down Or Speed Up Smoothly. A Video Is Based On FPS, Slowing Down Your Video Will Make Frames Slow To Run Per Second And Fast Acceleration Makes It Faster To Run Many And Many Images In One Second. Twixtor Pro Is One Of The Best Alternative To Speed-Ramping That Works Intelligently To Accurately Speed-Up Or Slow Down Your Videos Smoothly. One More Good Thing About This Plugin Is That: It Can Slow-Down Your Footage Even In 30FPS Smoothly, Mostly 180fps, 120fps, and 60fps The Frame Rates Are Considered Very Important For Slowing Down Any Videos, But This Plugin Can Also Slow-Down In 30FPS, That's Why We Rate This Plugin 4th In Our List.

Original Plugins In Sony VEGAS Pro Also Allows You To Make Your Videos Slow And Fast But Here The Desired Footage Wouldn't Be As Smooth As Twixtor Pro Can Do If We Compare It With Twixtor's Configured Footage. Twixtor Pro Helps You To Make Smooth Choppy Videos Accurately, For Smooth Slow-Motion Videos, Twixtor is Best Especially In Avoiding Chopinnes After Initial Choppy Scenes.

Try Twixtor For Free: Official Website

Full Version Free, Download From Here

Twixtor Pro OFX Features - Twixtor 7.5.5 For Vegas Pro

  • Speed Changes – Retime a sequence made possible using a single speed parameter
  • Smart processing of interlaced material.
  • Support for marking material so that Twixtor does not motion-interpolate across a cut
  • Cuts Marking – Support for marking material so that Twixtor does not motion-interpolate across a cut.
  • Key framable retiming for complete control on a frame-by-frame basis.
  • And Many More.

Let's Have a Look At How Twixtor Reduces Choppiness And Makes Videos Smooth.

I'm Using Twixtor Pro And This Plugin Gives Me Many Advantages While Making Short Slow-Motion Video.

8. ReelSmart Motion Blur

RSMB Gives You The Function To Add Smart Natural Blur Which Makes Your Video More Natural, Blur The Different Parts Of Your Videos By ReelSmart Motion Blur Naturally It's Free. What If You Want To Remove Turbulent And Choppiness From Your Video And Make Your Video Smooth & Natural Blur, Is There a Way You Can Stop It? RSMB Stand For Reel Smart Motion Blur Is One Of The Best Plugins That's Available For VEGAS Pro To Add Blur Motion And Reduce Choppiness, Lag, And Turbulent. The Most Common Bug Inside VEGAS Pro Is The Choppiness When Videos Are Stretched For Slowing Down. RSMB Can Be Used To Make Them Smooth While Playing And Obviously After Rendering. When One Of Our Creator Was Creating An Intro For YouTube Then We Applied Some Effects That Made The Footage Chppy Video, To Resolve This We Used RSMB, And After Applying Got Very Impressive Results Which Adds Very Good Motion Blur And Smoothness.

Try RSMB For Free: Official Website

Full Version: Free, Download From Here

RSMB OFX Features

  • Auto image registration – Matching for stereo pairs takes advantage of internal per-pixel registration using optical flow methods.
  • Frame edge differences – Stereo pair matching takes into account that the two images may not have corresponding details at some of the edges of the frame.
  • And Many More.

9. Mocha Pro

What About Masking, Planar Motion Tracking, Object Removal And Rotoscoping, Tracking An Object And Placing Your Desired Object With It Is a Great Achievement, In Editing Masking, Object Removal, Rotoscoping Are Difficult Things To Do But Mocha Pro Has Made It Very Simple With Best Featurable Tools. Mocha Pro Is The Award Winning Plugin Which Gives You Many Tools To Track Objects And Much More To Do. Mocha Pro Is Available For VEGAS Pro With Best Tracking Technology.

Price: $295.00/Year + Free Trial Version Available

What's New In Mocha Pro 2023?

  • PowerMesh: Mocha’s planar tracking engine now handles warped surfaces with speed and accuracy. PowerMesh sub-surface tracking drives warp stabilization, mesh warped roto-splines, and more. Export dense mesh tracking to many hosts with the new Alembic exporter.
  • AdjustTrack 2.0: Improved track editing takes the pain out of correcting the most difficult tracking shots.
  • Python Scripting: Powerful Python Script Editor is now included in the Mocha Pro plugin for flexible development.

10. Ignite Pro

Ignite Pro Is One Of The Amazing Plugin That Supports Many Softwares Including VEGAS Pro. Like Sapphire, Ignite Pro Gives You 190 Different Add-Ons In The Shape Of Effects And Transitions. The Major Advantage Of Ignite Pro Is It Provides You With The Facility To Fire Up More Than 500 Visual Effects To Apply, Ignite Also Includes a 360 Filters Suite. Our Favourite Effect In Ignite Plugin Is Ignite Vortex Displacement, You Can Use It For Smooth Rotation Transition, Color Effects Are Also Designed To Give Your Video All Possible Filmic Looks. Ignite Pro Gives You Many Features Including Color Grading, Blurs, Gradients, Fills, And Many More.

Price: $299.00 + Free Trial Version Available

New Features Of Ignite Pro

  • 360° video: 360 Animated Lasers, 360 Lightsword (Glow Only), 360 Magnify, 360 Bulge, 360 Fisheye Converter, 360 Text, & Many More.
  • Blurs: Bilateral blur, Radial blur, Diffuse, Zoom blur, Motion blur
  • Channel: Channel Blur, Channel Time Shift, Chromatic Aberration, Channel Mixer, Channel Swapper.
  • Color correction: Auto color, Dehaze, Exposure Pro, Hotspots, Auto contrast, Pro Skin Retouch, Auto levels, Pro Skin Retouch, Color temperature, White balance, Custom Gray, Crush blacks & whites.
  • Distort: Block Displacement, Magnify, Bulge, Mosaic, Chromenator, Puppet, Derez, Insect vision, & Many More.
  • Generate: 3D extrusion, Lightsword Ultra (2-Point Auto), Animated Lasers, Audio Spectrum, Audio Waveform, Lightsword Ultra (4-Point Manual), Clone, Distance Field, Drop shadow, Picture in Picture (PiP), & Many More.
  • Gradients & fills: 4-point color gradient, Radial gradient, Color gradient.
  • Grunge: Dot Matrix, Jitter, Lens dirt, Noise, Film damage, Noise, Pixel Sort, Film Grain, Shake, Stutter, TV damage, Half tone color, Half tone, Flicker.
  • Lights & flares: Anamorphic Lens Flares, Light flares, Light Leak, Gleam, Light streaks, Light rays, Glow, Neon glow, Outer glow, Inner Glow.
  • Particles & simulation: Atomic particles, Gunfire (3D), Blood spray, Lightning & electricity, Blood spray, Rain on Glass, Fire, Shatter.
  • Warp: Bezier warp, Lens Distort, Action Cam Lens Distort, Action Cam Crop, Spherical warp, Quad warp, Perspective warp, Polar warp, GoPro Lens Reframe, Vortex displacement warp.
  • Video clean-up: Crop & Pan, Rolling shutter, Clone stamp, Denoise, Wire Removal, Grain removal.

11. Boris FX - RED

As We Mentioned Earlier That VEGAS Pro Doesn't Support 3D Titling, For Now, There Are Rare Generators For Creating Amazing 3D Titles, Boris FX - RED Is Host Plug-in For Creating Stunning Text & Titles, And Boris FX - Red Support VEGAS Pro As Extra Host Plug-In In Media Generator. More Than That It Also Come Up With Motion-Tracking, Stabilization, 1000+ Presets, And Images Restoration.

Price: Free

Boris FX - RED Features

  • 1000+ free presets
  • Automated rolls, crawls, fades, and zooms
  • 3D text tools, raster & vector paint system
  • Advanced Jitter effects
  • Unique 3D deformers for twisting & bending text

12. proDAD VitaScene V4 PRO

Sometimes It's Hard To Find, Add, And Customize Transitions, And Visual Effects One By One, Is There a Way You Can Easily, Yup It's Possible With VitaScene V4 Pro, VitaScene Gives You Over 1400 Stunning Animated Video Filters, These Filters & Effects Are Optimized With Brightness, Contrast, Color, And Sharpness, Just Pick And Drop To Add Effects, Transitions, Looks. This Can Be a Package For You To Make Your Work Easy, Whether You're Making Documentaries Or Shooting Weddings Films. More Good About It Include Seamless Transitions, Which Provide You Flowing And Dynamic Transitions. Apply VitaScene Effects Not Only To Images & Video But Also To The Text, Titles & Graphics.

Price: $699.00 + Free Trial Version Available

proDAD VitaScene V4 PRO Features

  • Extensive Presets
  • Controllable via Keyframes
  • Effective GPU-Acceleration
  • Supporting up to 8K
  • Over 1,400 professional video filters & transition effects
  • Also ideal for animating Text & Graphics

13. Vegasaur Film Looks & Toolkit

Vegasaur Film Looks & Toolkit Support Several Types Of Add-Ons For VEGAS Pro, These Are Animated Transitions, Pre-Built Presets, Light Leaks, Color Grading Presets, Particulars, Film Grain Effects, Transquares, Project Templates, Lower Thirds & Titles. The Main Two Plug-ins That Can Be Installed For Enhancing Features Are Film Looks And Toolkit, Let's Go Into Detail.

Vegasaur Film Looks

Film Looks Is a Smart Color Grading Tool That Gives Amazing Color Grading Presets For Making Your Films Cinematic, It's Very Easy To Install And Use Color Presets Inside VEGAS Pro, Vegasaure Is Making Many Volumes For Color Grading, Their Latest Volume Is 05, One Volume Contain Several Color Looks.

Price: $39.95 (All Volumes)


  • Fully Customizable
  • Custom Presets
  • Cinematize your video
  • Vegasaur Toolkit

Vegasaur Toolkit

Vegasaur Toolkit Is Something More For Accelerating Your Workflow, With Pan/Crop Assitance Tools Easily Pan Or Crop Your Videos, More Take Snapshots & Additional Actions After Rendering Your Project.

Price: $99.95


  • Full Support For VEGAS Pro 20.0
  • Batch Stabilization
  • Proxy Media Builder
  • Recommended bugfix release
  • Pin Effects To Motion Track

14. SeMW Extensions

SeMW Is Another Company That Supports VEGAS Pro, It's Providing Three Extensions Out Of Which, Two Are Free, And The Other Is Paid, From These Extensions, You Can Create Awesome Looking Auto Levels Colors Effects, And Additional Options.

Auto Levels

Its Auto Levels Extension Automatically Adjust The Best Color For Your Video, If You're Working On Large Projects Then This Extension Can Help You By Auto Adjusting & Saving Your Time.

Color Graide Bundle

The Next Extension Is Graide Bundle, Inside It, There Are Two-Color Correction Tools Out Of Which One Is Graide Color Match, Automatically Adjust Brightness, And With The Second One Which Is Graide Color Curves You Can Add & Edit Best Color Grading Effects With 12 Color Curves Tools & 2 Color Models.

SeMW Extensions For VEGAS Pro

Here You'll Find Some More Additional Tools For Rendering Options, And Previews Levels Etc, More Tools Are Helpful To Accelerate Your Editing & For Saving Your Time Especially When You're Working With Big Projects.

Price: Free

SeMW Extensions Features

  • Fixes: with little tweaks for the Vegas user interface
  • Split and heal
  • Event streams
  • Preview levels
  • Render Progress

15. QuickTime

What? If You Want To Render Any Element, Video, Or Image In Transparent Background Inside VEGAS Pro, Is There Any Way To Render It In Transparent Background? Yes, QuickTime From Apple Supports VEGAS Pro To Render Your Videos Or Images In Transparent/No Background.

In order To Render In Transparent Background Make Sure You've Installed QuickTime Player In Your System. After That Make Sure That There's Nothing Else Underneath Your Element's Timeline Which You're Going To Render, Otherwise, It'll Not Work, If You Have Then We Can Go For Rendering Options, In Rendering Options Select QuickTime Formate, And Inside It Select 3MBPS Tab After That Go To Customization And Change Video Format To Animation & Farbtiefe To 32 bpp Farbe, You Can Also Change Your Frame And Frame Rate, Next, Hit Ok And Start Rendering, Now You've Rendered Your Element In Transparent Background.

In The Video, Theletterisb Is Rendering a Square In Transparent Background Inside VEGAS Pro.

16. SmartSound® Sonicfire® Pro 6 incl. VEGAS plug-in

What If You Love The Sound Editing? What If You Want To Repair Your Sound? How Can You Make The Best Sound For Your Edits? Is There a Way You Can Do It In VEGAS Pro? Yes, Sonicfire® Pro From SmartSound Is An Audio Mixing Plugin That Allows You To Customize Your Music/Sound With SmartSound's Toolkit. VEGAS Pro Also Has Its In-Built Plugins To Edit Sound And Its Quality, Noise, Gain, And Amplitude But As We Told You That We Install External Plugin-Ins To Get All The Possible Features We Want, Smartsound Sonicfire Pro Delivers The Best Audio Editing Experience Including Many Features And Making Audio Editing More Easier. It's User-Friendly Because, In Sonicfire Pro There's Audio Library That Provides You The Best Royalty-Free Music For Your Projects, Sonicfire Pro Directs You To SmartSound Library Where You Can Find The Best Royalty-Free Sounds. Adjust Your Drums, Bass, FX, Equalization With Best Tools Inside Sonicfire Pro. It's The Greatest Plugin For Audio Editing In VEGAS Pro.

Price: $249.00 + Free Trial Version Available

Main Features In Sonicfire Pro 6.5

  • Cut-Video-To-Music
  • Custom Length
  • Mood Mapping
  • Alternate Arrangements
  • Timing Control, Now more accurate

What's New In Sonicfire® Pro 6

  • Mood Mapping: Change the instrument mix to connect to your audience. Automated mix control.
  • Timing Control: Move individual beats while keeping the integrity of the music.
  • Custome Length: Save hours of editing with the patented ability to customize the length of any music track.
  • Hit Files: Instantly add percussive and production element accents at just the right moment in your video.
  • Search Engine: Experience Sonicfire® Pro's unique music search engine.
  • Alternate Arrangements: Create alternate arrangement options, instantly, and at any length.

Let's Check Out The Demo Of Sonicfire® Pro 6.

Enjoy More Control Over Your Audio With Amazing Tools Of Sonicfire® Pro.

17. VASST Software VEGAS Pro Plugins

VASST Software Is Another Powerful Editing Toolkit That Gives VEGAS Pro More Than 20 New FASST Apps That Can Help You Make Your Workflow More Efficient.

Following Are The Best VASST Software Plugins Supported By VEGAS Pro.

Ultimate S Pro

Ultimate S Pro Is a Photo And Video Slideshow Plug-in For VEGAS Pro That Enables You To Create, Design, And Deliver Powerfully Animated Slideshows In No Time At All.

Just Drag And Drop The Desired Media Files From Your Media Pool, Arrange The Images Or Videos On The Timeline, And Edit Them To Suit Your Needs. You Can Add Text, Transitions, Animated Backgrounds, And More.

Scattershot 3D

Scattershot 3D Is a Titling Plugin For VEGAS Pro That Enables You To Create, Design And Deliver Powerfully Animated Titles. All You Need Is An Image Or a Video. Scattershot 3D Will Instantly Create a 3D, Dynamically Editable Image For You. It Also Allows For The Instant Rendering Of Stunning 3D Videos.


VASST’s New MAYHEM Plug-in Is Perfect To Make Your Footage Exciting, a Transition Like Never Before, And Take Your Title To The Next Level. With This Plug-in, All Features Are Accessible In Seconds. Mayhem Breaks Out Of The Box With a Toolset Designed To Get Your Creativity Moving. Use Tools To Distort Footage, Animate Masks, Or Create Explosion Effects - There Are Endless Ways You Can Use This Plugin.

Caption Assistant

Vegas Pro allows you to make captions easier with VASST Caption Assistant, which takes the text from plain files and transcripts and separates them into captions. Caption Assistant allows you to easily add captions or subtitles to any timeline in VEGAS Pro. The plugin lets you open popular caption file formats including.SRT files (YouTube).SUB files (DVD Studio Pro) as well as.SCC files (CEA 608). It also features an integrated web search function.

Production Assistant Pro

Production Assistant Pro Enhances The Frequently Used Software Vegas Pro By Automating a Set Of Processes, Like Batch Processing And Workflow Automation. And With Tutorials To Help You Get Started, It’s Easy To Use.

18. DEFlicker For VEGAS Pro - Re:Vision Effects

DEFlicker Is a New OFX Plug-in From Re:Vision Effects. It's Designed To Reduce or Eliminate Flicker In Your Video Footage. The Plug-in Offers Many Features, Including The Ability To Automatically Detect And Correct Flicker, As Well As Frame-by-Frame Control For More Detailed Correction. DEFlicker Can Also Be Used To Create Time-lapse Videos Without Flickering, And It Offers Support For Various File Formats And Editing Software Including Sony Vegas.

Price: $249.95 + Free Trial Version Available

DEFlicker V2 - 0FX Hosts Features

  • Deflicker Anything
  • Fix High-Speed Video
  • Timelapse Enhanced

 Get All-In-One Re:Vision Plug-ins: Effections For VEGAS Pro

The Effection For VEGAS Pro plug-in Is a Powerful Tool That Enables You To Create Professional-looking Effects For Your Videos. It Comes With a Variety Of Features That Make It Easy To Use And Produce High-quality Results. The Most Important Feature Is The Ability To Create Custom Presets. This Allows You To Save Your Settings And Apply Them To Future Projects. Effection Also Includes a Library Of Built-in Effects That You Can Use To Get Started Right Away.

FAQS About Sony VEGAS Pro Plugins

What are plugins on Sony Vegas Pro?

VEGAS Pro plugins are the addition of new features to your video editing software to enhance the software or fix certain problems that you may be having. Usually, these plugins give more tools and faster workflow. There are many types of plugins, from video processing to graphics editing.

How to install VEGAS Pro plugins?

In order to install a plugin in VEGAS Pro follow these guidelines: 

1. If VEGAS Pro software is running close it to avoid encountering any error.

2. Open .EXE file of your downloaded plugin and install it into the following directory: C:\Program Files\VEGAS\VEGAS Pro 15.0\OFX Video Plug-Ins. To manually install plugins just paste your plug-ins files into the same directory.

3. Restart VEGAS Pro.

Are VEGAS Pro plug-ins free?

There Are Many Plugins Available To Add To The Vegas Pro Software Package. In This List, Some Of These Plugins Are Free And Some Need To Be Purchased, The Free Plugins Are Listed With Their Download Links.

Smooth FX Transitions Pack + Sapphire Plugins OFX 2021.51

Are You a VEGAS Pro User? Looking For Sony VEGAS Effects Pack? You're At The Right Place, With The List, The Good News Is That Shinesfox Is Presenting You The Free Prebuilt Transitions Effects Pack With Free Sapphire OFX Plugins 2021.51 With Crack + Activation To Download For Free And Use In Sony Vegas. New Update Of Sapphire Has Introduced Many New Epic Features For Accelerating Your Video Editing, Boris Released Sapphire Plugins For Many Other Hosts As Well Such As Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, Autodesk Flame, Blackmagic Resolve, The Foundry Nuke, SGO Mistika, Grass Valley Rio, Toon Boom Harmony, and For MAGIX VEGAS Pro, Its New Features Are; UltraGlow, LensFlare Designer And Many More. Elements Are Stunning To Create Cinematic Transitions & Effects On Your Videos. Follow The Given Link To Download Sapphire OFX Plugins 2021.51 And Sony Vegas Effects Pack Free Download For VEGAS Pro. This Pack Includes a Lot of Transitions And Effects For Making Your Editing Easy And Fast. You Just Have To Pick Effects And Then Drop It On Your Clips To See Magic, We Hope That This Transition Pack Will Give You All Opportunities To Create Stunning Effects.

Make Sure To Install Sapphire Plugins Before Using The Presets Pack, These Plugins Can Be Used In Older & New Versions Of The Sony VEGAS Pro, Enjoy Our Personal Presets Which We're Using To Create Amazing Good Looking Videos.

Download: Transitions Pack + OLD Sapphire Plugins.rar

Download: New Sapphire OFX Plugins 2021.51.rar

Have a Quick Review At Shinesfox Transitions Effects Pack.

Ok, So We Hope The List About Plugins For VEGAS Pro & Effective Transition Pack Helped You To Speed Up Your Editing And Adding More Tools To Your Software. These Plugins Are Also Available In Trial Version To Download And Test In Your Application, These All Plugins And Premium Transition Presets Pack Can Be Used For Making Intros, Photo Slideshows, Opener Videos, AMV(Anime Music Video), Sony VEGAS Pro Templates & Much More.

Sony VEGAS Pro Plugins - Wrapping Up

When It Comes To Video Editing, Sony VEGAS Pro Is An Excellent Tool. But Of Course, a Skilled Editor Will Always Need New Tools To Get The Job Done, So We Hope This List Will Help You To Get The Most Out Of It.

Now, We Would Love To Hear From You If This List Helped You About Plugins For VEGAS Pro,  Now You Have Your Answer About The Best Essential Plugins That You Can Install In Sony VEGAS Pro To Speed Up The Workflow, Now It's Your Turn To Show That How These Plug-ins Helped You For Gaining The Best Editing Experience, Please Let Us Know By Leaving a Comment Below.

Top Sony VEGAS Pro Plugins That You Should Know For Accelerating Your Workflow.


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