Discover the Top 53+ Best Sony VEGAS Pro Plugins: (Most are free) - 2024

VEGAS Pro toolkits can be very useful in building up your post-production library. We have a list of the top free & paid plugins you need to know.

If you're looking to add extra functionalities or minimize tasks in VEGAS Pro, then plugins, toolkits, and presets are the best way to do that. VEGAS Pro is a powerful video editing software used by professionals worldwide. However, its true potential can only be unlocked with the help of plugins.

With so many tools on the market, you may not know which ones are the best for your needs. That's why you need this handy suggested list of top plug-ins to work with in 2024.

top free vegas pro plugin - half are free to download

In this article, we will take a look at some of the best VEGAS Pro tools that you need to have in your toolkit to take your VEGAS Pro work to the next level. These plugins are the finest add-ons we have discovered in VEGAS Pro, enhancing your toolbox with more tools and accelerating the workflow.

Installing these plugins is effective in certain cases, including coloring your footage, adding and customizing visual transitions, compositing, animation effects, creating titles, and mixing sounds in your videos and audio.

53+ Top VEGAS Pro Plugins for Professional Results in 2024: Free and Paid

As a Vegas Pro user, you may have wondered about the best Sony Vegas Pro plugins, or perhaps, you're seeking the finest plug-ins specifically for titles, color grading, 3D models, visuals, smooth animation, or audio in Sony VEGAS Pro?

We've analyzed a list of the top VEGAS Pro (SVP) plugins you need to know for accelerating your workflow. If you're looking for tools to meet specific needs, we've got you covered. In each plugin's specification section at the beginning, we've included a handy suggestion to help you find the right fit. The free plugins in the list can be directly downloaded from the link next to Price. We will also explore their core features, and address frequently asked questions along with the list.


Quick Read

  • The top VEGAS Pro plugins include Boris FX Sapphire, Magic Bullet Looks, Mocha Pro, RSMB, Titler Pro, Boris Continuum Complete, and Twixtor Pro.
  • Some of the best free VEGAS Pro plugins available to download include Title Pro, Universe, Magic Bullet Looks, Vegasaur Free Film Looks, Mercalli, Neat Video, and SeMW Auto Levels.
  • Get our premium transitions pack for VEGAS Pro, featuring trendy AE-inspired transitions and a variety of additional effects.

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1. VEGAS Movie Expansion Pack

— Specifications:

  1. Publisher: Vegas Creative Software (MAGIX)
  2. Price: $199.00 perpetual license
  3. Best for: image restoration, adding particles, adding film styles, action VFX, transitions, titles
VEGAS Movie Expansion Pack

VEGAS Creative Software has teamed up with BorisFX to launch a complete all-in-one expansion bundle for VEGAS Pro. Introducing the Movie Expansion Pack alongside many other professional hosts. The main advantage of this pack is its comprehensive package, which includes professional plugins for visual effects, text animation, color transitions, and VFX plugins.

The Movie Expansion bundle includes tools: Boris FX Continuum 2021.5 Particles Unit, Boris FX Continuum 2021.5 Image Restoration Unit, Boris FX Continuum 2021.5 Film Style Unit, ActionVFX Action Pack, NewBlue Transitions 5 Ultimate, and NewBlue Titler Pro 7.

Core Features:

  • Modern particles suite
  • Powerful image restoration tools
  • Create 3D Titles
  • Modernized transitions
  • Stunning VFX action pack
  • Film style unit

2. VEGAS Sound Expansion Pack

— Specifications:

  1. Publisher: Vegas Creative Software (MAGIX)
  2. Price: $99.00 perpetual license
  3. Best for: creating vocal distortions and ambient sounds, reducing resolution bandwidth of audio, adjusting range for clear and present voiceovers
Sound Expansion Pack VEGAS Pro Plugin

VEGAS Sound Expansion is a modern toolkit for creating sound design and compelling sound effects, making audio editing an important asset of editing. It includes the complete Infinite Toolkit to step up your audio editing with enthralling sound effects.

Core Features:

  • Peak compression for balanced audio levels
  • Simplify and control dynamics
  • Generate rhythmic pulsing and gating effects to enhance soundtrack tension
  • Modern controls for vocal distortions and ambient textures
  • Provide tools for voiceover enhancement
  • Streamline editing with sleek automation and essential tools

3. Boris FX Sapphire

— Specifications:

  1. Publisher: Boris FX
  2. Price: Free - download Sapphire OFX VEGAS Pro
  3. Best for: visual effects, transitions, particles, flares
Boris Sapphire VEGAS Pro Plugins

The Sapphire plugin provides a ton of fantastic effects and transitions for you to choose from, making it an essential tool for any serious Sony Vegas Pro user.

In our opinion, Sapphire by Boris FX offers the most effective features and boasts a wider selection compared to other third-party plugins on this list. One of our content creators shared

I've used Sapphire plugins in most of my videos, and they've significantly enhanced my creative editing capabilities.

Another advantage of Sapphire is its ability to create and save presets of your work, allowing you to reuse the same effect on different videos. We've even created some presets for VEGAS Pro users to save time. With presets, you can simply drag and drop the effect onto your photo or video to apply the desired effect. Sapphire is a top choice for both transitions and video effects.

While there are many fantastic Sapphire tools out there, these two are our personal favorites for creating animated slideshow videos:

  • S_BlurMocurves: This plugin allows you to create a blurring effect, ideal for softening edges or achieving a dreamy look.
  • S_Shake: This plugin generates a realistic shaking effect, adding excitement or drama to your scene.

Core Features:

  • 270+ powerful effects & transitions (glows, lens flares, color, etc.)
  • 3000+ presets for quick customization
  • Nodal-based effect builder for complex creations
  • Hollywood-grade lighting effects with customizable lens flares
  • Integrated Mocha tracking & masking for precise effects application
  • Fast render speeds with GPU acceleration and M1 support

4. Boris FX Continuum

— Specifications:

  1. Publisher: Boris FX
  2. Price: $195.00/year
  3. Best for: cinematic video editing, motion graphics, compositing, visual enhancement

Boris FX Continuum Complete is another fantastic plugin that elevates your editing experience. Similar to Sapphire plugins, Continuum boasts a wealth of transitions and visual effects. This powerful suite grants access to a massive library of effects and filters, making it an essential tool for maximizing your Sony VEGAS Pro potential.

Core Features:

  • Over 300+ effects, 40+ transitions, and 5000+ presets for diverse creative needs.
  • Create stunning visuals with lighting, film grain, color grading, distortions, blurs, and more.
  • Utilize Mocha tracking and masking for precise effect application.
  • AI-powered features like noise reduction and upscaling for enhanced quality (latest version)

5. Red Giant Magic Bullet Looks

— Specifications:

  1. Publisher: Maxon Red Giant
  2. Price: Free - download Red Giant Magic Bullet Looks for VEGAS Pro
  3. Best for: color grading, finishing, and film looks
Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite VEGAS Plugin

VEGAS Pro offers various color grading plugins, allowing you to adjust factors like brightness and contrast. Magic Bullet Suite is a comprehensive solution with pre-adjusted cinematic filters. These filters provide stunning cinematic looks for videos, films, and shots.

Similar to other plugins, Magic Bullet Suite allows for further customization of the applied looks. You can adjust parameters like brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, opacity, and more to achieve your desired finish.

Core Features:

  • Powerful color grading tools for precise adjustments and achieving specific looks.
  • Film emulation for simulating classic film stocks and adding cinematic character
  • Noise reduction and grain tools for cleaning up footage and adding subtle texture
  • Fast and easy skin tone balancing with selective adjustments for natural-looking results
  • Accurate lens distortion correction to fix common lens issues
  • Creative lens effects such as lens flares, glows, and distortions add stylistic elements
  • Easy-to-use interface for intuitive and efficient editing

6. Vegasaur Free Film Looks

— Specifications:

  1. Publisher: Vegasaur
  2. Price: Free - download free film looks
  3. Best for: color grading, filters

This free visual effects plugin for VEGAS Pro offers a collection of ready-to-use presets and styles. You can further customize each style as desired and even create your own presets with custom names. Some included presets we know include film looks, grading presets, and grain looks.

While VEGAS Pro offers built-in motion tracking and stabilization tools, for advanced tasks, Mocha Pro reigns supreme. This award-winning plugin offers a comprehensive suite for object tracking and more, seamlessly integrating with VEGAS Pro for exceptional tracking performance.

Core Features:

  • Accurately track movement across flat surfaces in videos
  • Track complex, deformable objects with advanced mesh warping capabilities
  • Precisely isolate and animate specific elements in your footage
  • Seamlessly remove unwanted objects from static or tracked shots
  • Smooth out shaky footage and achieve cinematic stability
  • Track and manipulate elements in 3D stereoscopic footage

7. Mocha Pro

— Specifications:

  1. Publisher: Boris FX
  2. Price: $295.00/month
  3. Best for: motion tracking, rotoscoping, object removal, stabilization

Masking, planar motion tracking, object removal, and rotoscoping are crucial editing techniques but are often considered challenging. Mocha Pro simplifies these tasks with its powerful and user-friendly tools.

While VEGAS Pro offers built-in motion tracking and stabilization tools, for advanced tasks, Mocha Pro reigns supreme. This award-winning plugin offers a comprehensive suite for object tracking and more, seamlessly integrating with VEGAS Pro for exceptional tracking performance.

Core Features:

  • Accurately track movement across flat surfaces in videos
  • Track complex, deformable objects with advanced mesh warping capabilities
  • Precisely isolate and animate specific elements in your footage
  • Seamlessly remove unwanted objects from static or tracked shots
  • Smooth out shaky footage and achieve cinematic stability
  • Track and manipulate elements in 3D stereoscopic footage

8. Universe

— Specifications:

  1. Publisher: Maxon Red Giant
  2. Price: Free - download Universe OFX plugins for free
  3. Best for: enhancing visuals, motion graphics, transitions, and color grading

Universe is a really popular plugin for Vegas Pro. It comes with 89 GPU-accelerated plugins and you can use them to add motion graphics effects and transitions to your videos. It even has a bunch of motion graphics you can drop into your projects. Another good thing about Universe is that you can make your own presets, but it also comes with tons of built-in ones for transitions.

Many unique text generators are available in Universe, allowing you to make awesome 3D text. One of our friends uses Universe for her Instagram edits and considers it her top choice.

Core Features:

  • Generate lens flares, animated elements, looping backgrounds, glows, and stunning text animations.
  • Build unique transitions for seamless movement between clips or text
  • Create retro and modern looks with effects that simulate old film, VHS, holograms, and more
  • Includes a suite of useful tools such as text generators, glows, and other effects

9. Vegasaur Toolkit

— Specifications:

  1. Publisher: Vegasaur
  2. Price: $99.95 + try Vegasaur demo version for free
  3. Best for: automating tasks

Vegasaur is a toolkit that automates tasks, it's a productivity powerhouse for Vegas Pro editors. It's packed with a suite of automation tools and advanced scripts that help you reduce efforts and save time.

Core Features:

  • Save time and effort by automating repetitive video editing actions
  • Extends automation capabilities and simplifies complex workflows
  •  Work faster and focus on creativity by letting Vegasaur handle the tedious tasks

10. Elements 5 Ultimate

— Specifications:

  1. Publisher: NewBlue
  2. Price: $299.00
  3. Best for: transitions & compositing, adding video effects & filters
VEGAS Pro Elements plugin

NewBlue Elements 5 Ultimate is a video editor's toolbox packed with creative possibilities. It enables you to add dynamic titles and smooth transitions to create captivating effects and use professional compositing techniques. It enhances your videos with 275 modern presets in 28 categories, including scene transformation presets, vintage filters, lens flares, flashes, stabilization, skin touch-ups, and color correction.

Core Features:

  • Create dynamic titles, intros, and motion graphics to add visual interest
  • Seamlessly connect scenes with a variety of transitions and use professional compositing techniques for advanced effects
  • Enhance your footage with a wide range of effects and filters, from subtle tweaks to dramatic transformations.
  • Apply unique styles and looks to your videos, like cartoon effects, vintage film looks, and more

11. Twixtor Pro

— Specifications:

  1. Publisher: RE:Vision Effects
  2. Price: free - download free Twixtor Pro for VEGAS Pro
  3. Best for: slowing down & speeding up videos

Speeding up or slowing down the videos is always the primary effect that video editor use in their videos. For VEGAS Pro the original plugin allows for speed adjustments, but the resulting footage is not as smooth compared to Twixtor Pro's output. Twixtor Pro helps you create smooth slow-motion videos accurately and avoids the choppiness that can occur with other methods.

In essence, Twixtor Pro is the best choice for achieving smooth slow-motion videos, especially when avoiding choppiness initially is paramount.

Core Features:
  • Achieve high-quality slow motion even with footage captured at low frame rates (30 FPS)
  • Eliminate choppy effects often seen when slowing down videos with traditional methods
  • Support for marking material so that Twixtor does not motion-interpolate across a cut
  • Analyzes footage and automatically creates smooth transitions during speed changes
  • Integrates seamlessly with the Sony VEGAS Pro editing platform

12. Ignite Pro

— Specifications:

  1. Publisher: FXhome
  2. Price: Free - download free Ignite Pro for VEGAS Pro
  3. Best for: slowing down & speeding up videos

Ignite Pro is similar to Sapphire, it comes with a huge array of over 190 effects and transitions. Along with other numerous features its vortex displacement effect allows for smooth rotation transitions. Additionally, color effects are meticulously designed to provide your videos with a wide range of cinematic looks.

Here's a quick guide to removing background from stock footage such as green screen, black, or white footage.

Core Features:
  • With 190+ effects & transitions enhance your videos with color, blurs, distortions, and more
  • Edit immersive footage with specialized filters with its 360° filters
  • Motion effects allow you to achieve smooth slow-motion and time-lapse
  • Analyzes footage and automatically creates smooth transitions during speed changes


— Specifications:

  1. Publisher:
  2. Price: $140.02/Lifetime
  3. Best for: color grading, film looks VEGAS Pro plugin is an open standard tool that works across a variety of video editing tools including VEGAS Pro to craft unique visual styles such as film texture emulation, and logarithms grading for films and videos. It also allows videographers and filmmakers to build custom color profiles, called 3D LUTs, to achieve specific color looks in their videos and films.

Core Features:
  • Offers extensive color grading tools with film emulation for achieving specific visual styles
  • Includes AI-generated presets and an AI color matching tool (Match AI - separate product)
  • Enables creating custom 3D LUTs (Look Up Tables) for consistent color grading across projects
  • Supports various color spaces including ACES for accurate color representation

14. Stylizers 5 Ultimate

— Specifications:

  1. Publisher: NewBlue
  2. Price: $98.00
  3. Best for: impressionist painting styles, vintage film looks, and blurs and flickers

NewBlue Stylizers 5 Ultimate unlocks your creative potential by providing the complete collection of Stylizers effects, including:

NewBlue Stylizers 5 Ultimate
  • Cartoonr Plus: Transform your videos into captivating cartoons.
  • Stylizers Illuminate: Add dynamic light and color effects.
  • Stylizers Excite: Create energetic and impactful visuals.
  • Stylizers Imagine: Explore a world of artistic possibilities.

Core Features:

  • Provides tools to transform your footage into a comic book masterpiece
  • Emulate the richness of cell animation with ease
  • Choose from a variety of styles to get started quickly

15. Essentials 5 Ultimate

— Specifications:

  1. Publisher: NewBlue
  2. Price: $299
  3. Best for: stabilization, video adjustments, fixing shaky footage, dull colors, and unwanted noise with ease
NewBlue Essential Ultimate VEGAS Pro Plugin

If you're dealing with a video with some issues such as shaky footage, dull colors, and unwanted noise, then Essential Ultimate is the best plugin to consider in VEGAS Pro. Along with the customization options it also includes several pre-made styles to get your video a polished look.

Core Features:

  • Stabilizes shaky footage, removes noise, and enhances color
  • Apply professional-looking edits with just a few clicks
  • Sharpen details, adjust brightness and contrast, and add creative effects

16. Transitions 5 Ultimate

— Specifications:

  1. Publisher: NewBlue
  2. Price: $299
  3. Best for: applying transitions
Transition 5 Ultimate VEGAS Pro plugin

Ditch the boring jump cuts and elevate your video editing with Transitions 5 Ultimate. Beyond simple fades and wipes, it offers tons of creative transitions such as subtle blurs, glows, dynamic light beams, and swirling effects, to smoothly connect your scenes within VEGAS Pro.

Core Features:

  • Elevate your editing with a variety of transitions that smoothly blend your scenes, from dreamlike blurs to energetic light beams.
  • Quickly apply professional-looking transitions with a single click
  • Customize the look and feel of each transition for a perfect fit
  • Find transitions to match any mood or visual style, from subtle to dramatic

17. RSMB

— Specifications:

  1. Publisher: RE:Vision Effects
  2. Price: Free - download RSMB free for VEGAS Pro
  3. Best for: applying motion blur effects

If you edit your game's videos, then RSMB is a must for you because after applying it will add a motion blur effect to your video which makes the video smoother than ever. If you're a pro gamer then you may be familiar with FPS. So basically it's like a FPS booster for your gameplay videos.

It works by removing the stuttering and jerkiness that often occurs when slowing down videos in VEGAS Pro, resulting in smooth and natural playback and rendering.

Core Features:

  •  Adds realistic blur to videos, mimicking natural camera movement
  • Blurs specific areas of the frame, drawing focus to key elements
  • Eliminates choppiness and jerkiness associated with slow-motion in VEGAS Pro
  • Ensures smooth video playback and rendering, even when applying effects

18. DEFlicker

— Specifications:

  1. Publisher: RE:Vision Effects
  2. Price: $249.95
  3. Best for: fixing annoying flicker in your high-speed & timelapse videos

Tired of flickering lights ruining your high-speed or timelapse videos? DEFlicker, a new OFX plugin from RE:Vision Effects, is here to save the day. It automatically detects and removes flicker, whether from artificial lights in fast-paced footage or unwanted "pops" in timelapse. Gain frame-by-frame control for precise adjustments and enjoy smooth, professional-looking videos.

Core Features:

  •  Ensures smooth playback without the distracting strobe effect from artificial lights
  • Eliminates the jerky jumps common in timelapse videos, creating a seamless flow
  • Allows for precise adjustments and customization
  • Creates flicker-free timelapse videos

19. RE:Vision Effects Effections - 3 in one bundle

— Specifications:

  1. Publisher: NewBlue
  2. Price: $299
  3. Best for: motion blur effects, Slow-motion, speeding-up footage, remove flickering

Here's a bonus tip for VEGAS Pro users, grab the Effection plug-in suite equipped with a variety of tools to enhance your videos, including Deflicker, Twixtor, and RSMB. This collection of plugins is bundled together, allowing you to install them all at once instead of individually.

Core Features:

  • Provides tools to improve visual quality by reducing noise, artifacts, and flicker
  • Offers various settings to adjust for different types of flicker and video characteristics
  • Twixtor and RSMB allow for slow-motion and speed-ramping with smooth motion and realistic blur
  • Ideal for creating slow-motion effects or adding speed variations for creative impact
  • Helps compensate for the "strobing" effect that can occur when slowing down footage, creating a more natural and cinematic look

20. Neat Video

— Specifications:

  1. Publisher: NeatLab
  2. Price: Free - Neat Video VEGAS Pro plugin free download
  3. Best for: removing noise, flickering

Neat Video is basically a filter that's specifically designed to reduce visible noise, flicker, and other imperfections found in video footage. Sophisticated mathematical algorithms and unique noise profiling are utilized to first analyze the video and then remove issues like noise and flicker while ensuring the quality of the video.

Core Features:

  • Builds a custom profile for each video clip, identifying the specific noise characteristics for targeted reduction
  • Reduces noise elements frame-by-frame across different frequencies and color channels
  • Targets and removes specific issues like film scratches, dust, and impulse noise
  • Suppresses flicker and improves noise reduction accuracy
  • Optimized for multi-core CPUs and supports GPU acceleration for faster processing

21. Genifect

— Specifications:

  1. Publisher: Dual Heights
  2. Price: 85 EUR - download free demo Genifect OpenFX plugin
  3. Best for: filters, effects, visuals
Genifect vegas pro plugin

Genifect is a visual effects post-production plugin suite that works with OpenFX-compatible software such as VEGAS Pro. It includes modern effects like bevel, bloom, and radial blur that add a unique look to the images and videos.

Core Features:

  • Adds depth and realistic lighting to flat surfaces using MatCap textures, creating a 3D look
  • Bevel adds depth and basic lighting to flat surfaces, providing a more dimensional appearance
  • Its Bloom effect creates a glowing effect around highlights in an image, often used to simulate light sources or add a dreamy quality
  • Radial Blur blurs the image outward from a chosen center point, creating a sense of movement or focus on a specific area

22. NewBlue Titler Pro

— Specifications:

  1. Publisher: NewBlue
  2. Price: Free - download NewBlue Titler Pro 7 Ultimate - VEGAS Pro
  3. Best for: titles, 3D, motion graphics, animation

NewBlue Titler Pro allows you to create custom 3D titles, providing a faster way to create high-quality text effects within Sony Vegas. With several tools, it also offers enhanced customization options, to make sure the exact text effect you've desired. Titler Pro 7 adds over 500 new text templates, all of which are customizable as well. Let's start creating stunning 3D text or lightning text effects with Titler Pro.

According to our experience, Titler Pro is the best plugin so far to create high-quality titles and text effects in VEGAS Pro. Whether you desire to create 3D titles or text with in-camera lighting options, this plugin has everything you need.

Core Features:

  • Designs eye-catching 3D titles to enhance your videos with a professional and dynamic touch
  • Offers enhanced text customization options, allowing for detailed design control
  • Includes a library of over 500 text templates, providing a starting point for quick and easy creation
  • Supports text effects with in-camera lighting options, simulating realistic lighting effects

23. DissolveMaster

— Specifications:

  1. Publisher: Pixelan
  2. Price: $49.00
  3. Best for: transitioning effects
DissolveMaster VEGAS Pro plugin

Creating dissolves and fade effects manually can be difficult and time-consuming, DissolveMaster is a video transitions plugin that allows editors to create dissolves and fades of many types. Along with the effects it also allows you to animate them.

Core Features:

  • Create various dissolves and fades for video transitions
  • Animate other video effects
  • Compatible with many video editing programs

24. SpiceMaster

— Specifications:

  1. Publisher: Pixelan
  2. Price: $59.00
  3. Best for: custom transitioning effects
SpiceMaster Pro sony vegas plugin

SpiceMaster is yet another tool from pixelan that lets you create custom video transitions and animating effects. Along with professional tools like bezier keyframing, and other adjustment tools, it also gives you the flexibility to choose from a HUGE range of pre-made professional effects presets.

Core Features:

  • Design unique and personalized transitions between video clips
  • Add dynamic movement and visual enhancements to various effects within a single clip
  • Utilize features like Bezier keyframing and adjustment tools for precise control over your creations
  • Access a vast collection of pre-made professional effects presets for quick and easy application

25. Filters 5 Ultimate

— Specifications:

  1. Publisher: NewBlue
  2. Price: $299.00
  3. Best for: color-enhancing, film looks, filters
Filters 5 Ultimate VEGAS Pro plugins list

Filters 5 Ultimate is a comprehensive video filter and color correction suite. Achieve stunning visuals with 27 color-enhancing effects like film looks and light leaks. Fine-tune colors with ColorFast 2, completely transform palettes with Recolor, or instantly capture classic styles with Recreate presets. Refocus further empowers you by adjusting perspective, manipulating focus, and controlling frame rate for impactful storytelling.

Core Features:

  • Adjust primary and secondary colors, tweak white balance, and utilize color masks for precise color correction
  • Replace colors, apply gradients, adjust saturation, and manipulate specific regions to completely transform the color palette
  • Apply preset-based effects to instantly achieve classic film and TV series styles
  • Control perspective, manipulate selective focus areas, and adjust frame rate for refined visual storytelling

26. VitaScene V5 PRO

— Specifications:

  1. Publisher: proDAD
  2. Price: Free - download VitaScene V5 Pro for VEGAS Pro
  3. Best for: video effects, filters, transitions, looks

Sometimes finding, adding, and customizing transitions and visual effects one by one can be a challenge. VitaScene V5 Pro offers a solution. With over 1700 stunning animated video filters, optimized for brightness, contrast, color, glitch, and sharpness, VitaScene lets you easily add effects, transitions and looks simply by dragging and dropping.

Core Features:

  • Over 1,700 video effects and transitions, including glitch effects
  • Seamless transitions
  • Light accents
  • Reflections
  • Ability to improve the quality of older videos

27. BlurMaster

— Specifications:

  1. Publisher: Pixelan
  2. Price: $39.00
  3. Best for: blur transitions
MasterBlur sony vegas plugin

If you want to create blur transitions within your clips then BlurMaster is the best choice. Just grab the type of blur transition within the 750+ useful transition effects presets and apply it between your clips. It includes all types of blur transitions including linear, spin, zoom, cross, spiral blurs, and a lot more.

Core Features:

  • Offers various blur effects like linear, spin, zoom, cross, and spiral blurs, allowing you to experiment with different visual styles
  • Provides control over blur intensity, direction, and duration, enabling you to create the exact transition effect you desire
  • Supports hardware acceleration to improve processing speed and performance, especially for high-resolution videos

28. Heroglyph V4

— Specifications:

  1. Publisher: proDAD
  2. Price: $149.00 + free trial version
  3. Best for: titling, hand script, credits, animation

Heroglyph is a video titling and animation software from pixelan that goes beyond basic text and creates stunning 3D titles, eye-catching animations, and even your own personalized handwriting effects. That's not the ending, you can also add professional polish to your videos, from lower thirds and credits to travel routes and more.

Core Features:

  • Create various types of titles, including 3D titles, text animations, and motion graphics
  • Offer extensive control over fonts, colors, animations, and effects for personalized designs
  • Provide a library of pre-made templates and effects to expedite the creation process
  • Allows you to animate your handwriting for a more personal touch

29. CreativEase

— Specifications:

  1. Publisher: Pixelan
  2. Price: $64.00
  3. Best for: coloring, transitioning, and other video effects (blur, grain)
CreativEase VEGAS Pro plugin

CreativEase is Pixelan's all-in-one suite of video effects plugins. Some of the best effect packs include blur effects, color effects, depth effects, and grain effects. It further sweetens the deal with a modern transition pack and a collection of extra tools.

Core Features:

  • Offers diverse tools through various effect packs
  • Provides a collection of modern and visually appealing transition effects for smooth cuts between video clips
  • Includes additional tools beyond the effect packs, offering further creative possibilities

30. Adorage

— Specifications:

  1. Publisher: proDAD
  2. Price: $298
  3. Best for: filters and transitions
proDAD Video Adorage

Adorage is an all-in-one effect library that includes over 17,000 filters and transitions. In addition to other video editing software, Adorage also supports VEGAS Pro. This allows you to directly add transitions and effects to your videos within VEGAS Pro.

Core Features:

  • Seamlessly connect your video clips with over 17,000 transitions. Choose from a variety of styles, including modern wipes, classic dissolves, and dynamic 3D effects
  • Offers diverse tools through various effect packs
  • Dive into a library of over 17,000 video filters, allowing you to explore artistic enhancements, color corrections, light effects, and more.

31. Sonicfire Pro

— Specifications:

  1. Publisher: SmartSound
  2. Price: $249.00
  3. Best for: audio, creating royalty-free music
Sonicfire Pro audio plugin

Finding royalty-free music can be challenging and time-consuming, well worry no more. Grab Sonicfire which is a music-scoring software designed specifically for video editors. It allows users to easily and quickly create or customize royalty-free soundtracks that perfectly match the tone and pace of their videos.

Core Features:

  • Offers a massive library of pre-composed music tracks across various genres and styles
  • Allows users to customize existing tracks by adjusting their length, tempo, and instrumentation to fit their specific needs
  • Enables users to define the desired emotional arc of their video and automatically generate music that matches those emotional shifts

32. Mercalli

— Specifications:

  1. Publisher: proDAD
  2. Price: Free - download Mercalli free Sony Vegas plugin
  3. Best for: stabilization

Shaky footage? Mercalli fixes it. This software analyzes and automatically smooths out shaky footage, eliminating bumps, wobbles, and jittery camera movements often present in handheld or action shots. Get smooth, professional-looking videos in seconds.

Core Features:

  • Automatically stabilizes shaky footage, and eliminates bumps, wobbles, and jittery movements
  • Corrects distortions and artifacts in CMOS sensor footage
  • Features automatic correction, making it easy to use for both experienced and novice editors

33. SeMW Graide Bundle

— Specifications:

  1. Publisher: SeMW-Software
  2. Price: €99.95
  3. Best for: color correctness
Graide Bundle for VEGAS Pro plugin

Correct your color with the SeMW color graide, Compatible with VEGAS Pro 14.0 or later. This bundle includes two tools Graide Color Match and Graide Color Curves. These Vegas Pro add-ons let you fine-tune both primary and secondary colors to achieve an optimal match with the overall film color palette.

Core Features:

  • Analyzes and adjusts colors to create consistent color palettes across different visual elements
  • Offers both automatic color correction suggestions and manual controls for fine-tuning color balance, saturation, and other parameters
  • Provides a dedicated interface for editing color curves, allowing for precise adjustments to various aspects of your video's color palette
  • Supports editing in both Y'RGB (brightness, red, green, blue) and HSY' (hue, saturation, brightness) color models

34. SeMW Auto Levels

— Specifications:

  1. Publisher: SeMW-Software
  2. Price: Free - download SeMW Auto Level for VEGAS Pro
  3. Best for: histogram stretching
Auto Level VEGAS Pro plug-in

Adjust video contrast efficiently with Auto Levels from SeMW, Another VEGAS Pro plug-in. It works by stretching the brightness range of your footage, potentially making it appear more vibrant.

You can choose to apply this effect uniformly across all colors or adjust individual color channels for more control. While useful for basic adjustments, keep in mind that overusing Auto Levels can lead to unwanted artifacts or color balance issues.

Core Features:

  • Stretches video signal levels to enhance contrast 
  • Applies stretching uniformly across all colors or independently to each channel
  • Offers a quick and easy way to adjust video contrast within VEGAS Pro

35. Ultimate S Pro 4

— Specifications:

  1. Publisher: VASST Software
  2. Price: $129.95
  3. Best for: automating tasks
Ultimate S Pro plugin

This tool is all about ensuring a faster editing experience for a smoother workflow. Automate repetitive tasks, add transitions and effects, manage color correction, and more, all within VEGAS Pro.

Core Features:

  • Automate repetitive tasks like photo montages and marker management
  • Access advanced editing tools for transitions, effects, color correction, and audio
  • Organize projects efficiently with track management and scene creation tools

36. QuickTime

— Specifications:

  1. Publisher: Apple
  2. Price: Free - Quick Time download
  3. Best for:  rendering with a transparent background
Want to render videos or images with transparent backgrounds in VEGAS Pro? Yes, Apple's QuickTime allows you to do so.

Rendering a transparent background in VEGAS Pro includes the following steps:

1. Install QuickTime Player.

2. Ensure your element on the timeline has no underlying elements.

3. Go to "Render As" and select "QuickTime."

4. Choose "3 Megabits" and then "Customize."

5. Change "Video format" to "Animation" and "Farbtiefe" (color depth) to "32 bpp Farbe" (color).

6. Adjust frame size and rate as needed.

7. Click "OK" and render. Your element will have a transparent background.

If you still have doubts, here's a quick guide from Theletterisb that demonstrates how to render a square with a transparent background in VEGAS Pro.

Core Features:

  • Easily render videos with transparent backgrounds
  • Export shapes while maintaining their transparent backgrounds
  • Supports efficient rendering of videos in the .MOV format within VEGAS Pro

37. Scattershot 3D

— Specifications:

  1. Publisher: VASST Software
  2. Price: $79.95
  3. — Specifications:

    1. Publisher: SeMW-Software
    2. Price: Free - download SeMW Extensions
    3. Best for: enhancing editing experience
Free SeMW Extensions

This free add-on gives you a bunch of extras for Vegas Pro. With its tools, you can monitor the flow, save effort, and time, and simplify the editing process. These extra tools can be a big help in speeding up your editing, especially when working on large projects, and saving you valuable time.

Core Features:

  • Simulate the look of your final video by switching the preview window between standard and limited value range ("Studio RGB")
  • Track progress, estimated time remaining, and pause/resume rendering with a dedicated information window
  • Split and rejoin video/audio clips quickly and easily using dedicated commands
  • Restore accidentally deleted audio or video events with a single click

39. Mayhem

— Specifications:

  1. Publisher: VASST Software
  2. Price: $49.95
  3. Best for: titles, transitions
Mayhem VEGAS Pro plugin

This easy-to-use tool lets you transform your footage, titles, and transitions in seconds easily. Packed with creative features, MAYHEM helps you unleash your inner artist. Distort, animate, and explode your way to stunning visuals.

Core Features:

  • Precisely control when, where, and how often the plug-in affects your video
  • Effortlessly create, view, and edit trendy random frame sequences used in various video formats
  • Generate random frames for transitions, refocus attention, add life to still images, and create instant titles in just a click
  • Apply various visual styles like "Old Photographs," "TV Look," and "White Soft Glow"
  •  Fine-tune the minimum, maximum, and duration of zoom motion within chosen presets

40. Caption Assistant

— Specifications:

  1. Publisher: VASST Software
  2. Price: $299.00
  3. Best for: creating captions
Caption Assistant vegas pro plugin

Vegas Pro allows you to make captions easier with VASST Caption Assistant, which takes the text from plain files and transcripts and separates them into captions. Caption Assistant allows you to easily add captions or subtitles to any timeline in VEGAS Pro. The plugin lets you open popular caption file formats including.SRT files (YouTube).SUB files (DVD Studio Pro) as well as.SCC files (CEA 608).

Core Features:

  • Convert entire transcripts and single-line text files into multi-line captions in seconds
  • Choose caption type, alignment (Left, Center, Right, Left-Center), and position (top/bottom)
  • Add captions directly within the plugin using a simple text editor
  • Save and load entire captioning sessions with in/out points and formatting
  • Adjust caption length by nudging individual words
  • Offset captions to account for dialogue response time during playback
  • Jump between captions and their corresponding markers on the timeline

41. Particle Illusion - BorisFX

— Specifications:

  1. Publisher: BorisFX
  2. Price: $12.19.00
  3. Best for: generating 3D particles
We frequently use particles in motion graphics and visual effects, but crafting them often demands a high skill level and a well-equipped workspace. Particle Illusion makes generating stunning particle effects for motion graphics, visual effects, titles, and lower thirds a breeze.​ Just start by choosing a pre-built particle template craft your animation and finally Fine-Tune for Realism.

Core Features:

  • Massive collection of pre-built particle effects covering everything from fire and smoke to shimmering light trails and sparkling explosions
  • Suitable for creating complex particle animations with a user-friendly interface that lets you combine emitters, forces, and deflectors visually
  • Tune your looks with simulated fluid motion for effects that look incredibly natural

42. Excalibur 6

— Specifications:

  1. Publisher: JETDV Scripts
  2. Price: Free - Download Excalibur 6
  3. Best for: quick editing workflows

Excalibur 6 is a VEGAS Pro plugin that allows you to edit videos without having to decide between using a script or a timeline. It works like an additional window that appears alongside other standard VEGAS Pro windows.  Excalibur 6 makes it easier to undo changes. When you use the undo function, you'll see a list of changes that includes easy-to-understand names instead of just "Run Script" being listed multiple times. This way, you can easily identify which Excalibur tool was used and undo the change if needed.

Core Features:

  • Works seamlessly with both script and timeline editing for a faster workflow
  • Identifies changes made by Excalibur tools for easier undo history navigation
  • This custom command automatically saves your project at regular intervals, ensuring you don't lose any work in case of a crash
  • This custom command provides a detailed overview of your project, including information about clips, transitions, and effects

43. Production Assistant Pro

— Specifications:

  1. Publisher: VASST Software
  2. Price: Free - download Production Assistant Pro
  3. Best for: simplifying and automating tasks
This easy plug-in helps Vegas users automate tasks freeing them up to focus on the creative stuff. It's easy to learn with included video tutorials and lets you work faster than ever before.

Core Features:

  • Organize your editing flow with customizable automation tools
  • Utilize pre-built project templates to jump right into editing
  • Simplify the process of transferring footage from media cards
  • Organize your project media automatically based on file formats
  • Save time and effort by letting the software handle tedious editing processes

Bonus. Remaining 10+ AI Plugins for Sony VEGAS Pro

VEGAS Pro 21 brings AI capabilities, so we've shared a list of the best AI-powered tools for VEGAS Pro. These AI-powered tools offer solutions to tackle complex tasks with ease. Apply artistic styles, generate depth maps for compositing, and upscale your footage for improved quality – all within the familiar VEGAS Pro interface.

Core Features:

  • Frame-by-frame rotoscoping (SilhouetteFX)
  • Automatic Z-Depth generation (AI-Enhanced Z-Depth)
  • Advanced AI-powered tracking (Boris FX Mocha Pro)
  • Apply artistic styles to videos (AI Style Transfer)
  • Transform black and white footage into color footage (Colorization AI Effect)
  • Reduce noise in videos using AI (Neat Video)
  • Upscale images using AI (AI-Driven Upscale)
  • Automatically generate masks around objects using AI (Smart Mask)
  • Convert written text to audio (Text-to-Speech)
  • Convert speech to text (Speech-to-Text)

FAQS About Sony VEGAS Pro Plugins

What is a VEGAS Pro plugin?

A VEGAS Pro plugin is a piece of an additional component that “plugs into” your software to add new features or functionalities. Some focus on expanding your editing toolkit with new transitions and presets, while some offer tools for making cool visual effects.

What is the best VFX plugin for Vegas Pro?

Sapphire can be considered the best VFX plugin for VEGAS Pro, as it allows you to craft breathtaking organic visuals and is known for its extensive visual effects (VFX) capabilities. Some standout features encompass more than 270 effects, over 3,000 artist-crafted presets, a robust Effect and Transition Builder, and seamless integration with tracking and masking functionalities utilizing the acclaimed Mocha Pro.

How do I install Vegas Pro plugins?

Before you begin installing plugins in VEGAS Pro, make sure to close it if it's running. Otherwise, you may encounter errors during installation.

To install plugins,

  • Open the plugin installer and check for OFX plugins (VEGAS Pro supports this format).  After that, make sure to select the \OFX Video Plug-Ins directory which is in C:\Program Files\VEGAS\VEGAS Pro 15.0\OFX Video Plug-Ins.
  • To manually install plugins, just paste your extracted plugin files into the same directory.
  • Lastly, restart VEGAS Pro to make the plugin work.

What is the best color grading plugin for Vegas Pro?

Magic Bullet Looks from Red Giant stands out as the best plugin for enhanced color grading. It gives you powerful tools such as look presets, Cosmo II, Mojo II, channel mixer, huenity, and more to grade your footage. One best way to grade your footage in Vegas Pro is from the "Looks" Video FX panel.

What is the best motion tracker plugin for VEGAS Pro?

With Mocha Vegas, you can 3D-motion track or track warping surfaces within Vegas Pro. This Academy Award-winning planar tracking and masking tool provides more tracking options compared to the standard, built-in tool available in Vegas Pro. However, you can also track motion using built-in tools like Bézier Masking and Picture-in-Picture.

Final thoughts

Most plugins offer trial versions, allowing you to experiment before purchasing. This way, you can try what you like and then consider the paid tools. For something more on VEGAS Pro, we've made a transition pack that includes AE-inspired smooth transitions to further enhance your editing. Thanks for checking out our list on VEGAS Pro and we hope this helped you find the tools you were looking for.

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