What is a Green Screen Video - Everything You Need to Know

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What do you mean by green screen?

Green Screen Video Effects

Hy Today I Thought That I Should Post Some Information,Samples How The Initial And Final Video/Photo Looks Like And Finally I Am Also Going To Show You How You Can Use A Green Screen For Your Footages About Green Screen Background.

What Is Green Screen

Green Screen Is A Background Having A Green Background Behind The Object,It Is Mostly Used In Studios,For Making Films To Get Their Desired Background Place In Video/Photo,Like Many Good And Action Movies Avengers,Captain Marvel,Spider Man,Iron Man Etc,In These Movie You May Have Seen Very Good Looking Backgrounds,And You Think That These May Are Not Present But In The Movies You'll See That Their Awesome Backgrounds,They Are Made From Green Screen Background,Using Chroma Key,You Can See Many Example In The Google,With A Green Screen Background You Can Change Any Background Of Your Video Or Photo Using Chroma Key In Your Editing Software,In The Latest Movies Including Marvel Studios's Movies And The Movies Which Are Made To Show Their Action In Space,There Are Many Movies And Seasons,Green Screen Background Is Also Used In Many Seasons : The 100 (Which Is My 2nd Favourite) And Game Of Thrones(My 1st And Most Favourite Season Ever Made),In These Many Footages Are Recorded In A Green Screen Background,But Final Results Are Stunning

Samples Of Green Screen Background

Here Are Some Samples Of Green Screen Backgrounds: How A Green Screen Looks Like:
Samples of green screen

Green Screen Video

Green Screen Video

Green Screen Video
I Took These Samples From Instagram Due To Copyright Claims,There Are Many About chroma key green screen In Google You Can See,Here You Can See The First Photo Of The 4 Above Photos,And A 2nd Photo Of The 3rd One,All These Are Taken Or Recorded In Front Of  green screen Footage,Green Screen Backdrop Is A Setup Or We Can Say That It Is A Big Paper,Sheet Having A Green Color It It,Here Are Some Images That Will Show You How An Green Screen Backdrop Looks Like

Green Screen Effects

Green Screen Effects

Green Screen Effects

Now I'm Going To Show Some Videos In Which You Will Be Clear About Initial Recorded Footage Vs Final Rendered Footage

You Can See In The Below One, That How Real Recorded Footage Looks Like Before Using Chroma Key


Here You Can Also See That How The Real Footage Looks,And How Its Looks After Using Chroma Key In Your Software With A Changed Object Replacing Green Background In Your Desired Results

How To Use Green Screen Background Video

I Am Using VEGAS Pro Powered By Magix,So Here I Can Only Tell You How To Use Green Background Inside VEGAS Pro,If You Are Using A Different Software Then You Can See The Tutorials Available At YouTube,Now Look At How To Change A Background Inside VEGAS Pro

1=First You Have A Video/Photo Having A Totally Green Color Background As Shown In The Above/Below

2=Then You Can Adjust Some Pure Colour Of Your Green Background & Some Brightness And Contrast In The Menu Tab

3=After That Go To VEGAS Chroma Key Manu Tab, In VEGAS Pro And If You Recorded Your Video In A Green Screen Background Then Put Default FX Or A Green Chroma Key FX To Replace All The Green Background

4=Now You Just Have To To Create A New Video Track Below This Green Screen Background Footage And Place Your Desired Video/Photo To Change The Background

5=Done & Enjoy

I Hope You Will Like This Post To Understand About Green Screen Videos And Photos And Also About Chroma Key Which An Effect Inside Video Editing Softwares To Replace The Background Or For Removing Green,Blue Screen

If You Have Recorded A Green Screen Footage In Your SmartPhone Then You Can Also Replace Your Background With Kinemaster Green Screen Effect

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