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All Tech One Solution Make Money From Your Talent 2019

Assalam-O-Alaikum I Hope You'll Be Fine,
Here I'm Going To Tell You About A New Service In WAH & Taxila Pakistan,From This Service You Can Do Your Maximum Homework Like If You Need.
 (Electrician,Plumber,carpenter,Welder,Painter/Distemper,Auto-Mechanic,Loading Ride booking,Labor/Masson,Contractor,Cook,Event Videography,Cctv Camera,Solar Panel,Ac/Refergeter).

If You Have Any Profession/Talent About Any Of Above, Then You Can Also Do A Part Time Job And Start Earning.
If You Are Living In Taxila Or Wah Pakistan Then Why Are You Not Doing A Part Time Job,Register Here To Do A Par Time Job And Start Earning Money,And If You Can't Find Some Tech,Mechanic Etc For Your Works At Home Then Install The App And Call A Worker At Your Home 
If You Are Interested To Call A Worker Or Want To Do A Part Time Job Then = Let Me Show You How Can You Register To This Service.

1=First Of All You Have To Download The App From Google Play Store Named As "ATOS"
The App Has A Logo Like This.

2=When You Open It These Two Options Will Come.

3=If You Want To Call A Worker Then You Have To Choose The Option "i'm a Client" And If You Want To Do A Part Time Job Then You Have To Choose "i'm Worker" .

4=When You'll Go Next App Will Ask You To "Allow" So That It Can Access Device's Location To Reach At Your Home For The Work.

5=Next You'll Have To Enter Your Number And Then A Verification Code Will Be Sent To Your Number For Verification.

6=In The Next Page You'll Need To Create An Account For Registration By Entering (Name,Cnic,Email) And There's Also An Awesome Feature From Which You Can Set Your Working Hours If You're Going To Do A Part Time Job.

7=At The Next You'll Read All The Instructions And Accept Their Terms & Conditions By Checking All Tick Mark And Then Click "Continue".

8=At Next You Have To Pick Your Talents/Professions And Then Click "Continue".

9=Next You'll Come To Your Dashboard And Here You Can See Your "Active Status" "Total done Jobs" & "Total Earning".

10=When You Started Your Job As A Worker Then After Some Time A Request With Address,Work Details & Mobile Number Will Come To Your App

11=If You Accept It Then A Map Will Open Which Will Give You The Directions Of The Customer.

12=After That You Well Type The Fixed Amount Between You And The Customer.

13=When You'll Complete Your Work At Customer's House Then A Page Will Be Showing On Customer phone's Screen With Details Of You,When The Work Is Done The Customer Will Click On The Done.

14=At Finishing Order Page Customer Can Write Some Feedback About Your Work That You Have Done.

15=Then You Can Come To Your Dashboard & See Your Earnings.

Done & Enjoy

If You Can't Understand It Fully Then You Can See The Following Video (URDU) In order To Know How To Use It.

I Hope You Will Like This Service And Will Use It.
This Is A New Services Which Is Just Recently Launched,So If You Looking For To Do A Job Here,Then Register At This Services From The App Which I Told You,Be Quick To Register Because When Their Seats Will Full Then You Won't Be Able To Get A Job At This Services,Also Tell Your Friends About This Service,If Your Friends Have Some Above Talent/Profession Then Take Him A Chance To Do This Job.

Download APP :

You Can Contact The Service's Team Here
WhatsApp= 03115463116
Facebook= ATOS

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