Modern Slideshow (13): Free Sony VEGAS Pro Template With 15+ Soft/Aesthetic Effects - 2024

Download free modern slideshow template for Sony VEGAS Pro, Project contains all the required files including fonts, overlays, audio & much more.
Modern slideshow with 2D effects

What You'll Get?

In this post:

1. You'll Definitely get a free soft/aesthetic slideshow template (13) with 15+ new powerful effects and transitions for Sony VEGAS Pro, In this project, you can replace your images with mine and share the final footage with your friends in the form of an amazing aesthetic video edit.

Project Resolution

Instagram HD 650×650

Files Used

Project(.VEG), Overlays, Images, Sound, Fonts

Plugins Used

Sapphire Plugins From BorisFX

Project preview in VEGAS Pro

It takes skills and a lot of hard work to make a smooth slideshow video that helps you present your creativity with a visual impact that'll move your audience. I designed this free VEGAS Pro slideshow template with the best elements, I used the most popular sapphire plugins to add transitions for moving, rotating, scaling, and effects like S_flux, S_sparkle, S_glow, S_stars, and S_warp on the media inside VEGAS Pro, The two more advantages with this 3D slideshow template is the free presets and soft editing overlays, You can simply make the presets and use overlays that I used in this slide and apply them on your projects, It includes a complete package of modern slides effects/transitions, editing overlays, helpful graphics icons.

2. I'm going to show you EXACTLY how to edit videos in VEGAS Pro professionally? Why you're not taking the advantage of editing? is it difficult or takes time? Look, You can convert your favorite photos with soft/aesthetic warpy transitions by just dragging and dropping inside the project into a whole new amazing-looking soft edited video with slideshow software, That's how you can save more time in a more easy way, Now you can take the advantage of editing in a very short time without editing thoroughly. Let's look at:

My Story

My hobby was to edit smooth and soft videos to upload them on my Instagram for just a kind of fun but one day it came to my mind to release my well-made projects to other VEGAS Pro users so they can learn what I've learned in the past few years, So I took the steps and many users thanked me and gave me the motivation to upload more and something more amazing "You know the feelings...". So I decided to go on with it, I struggled to master Sony VEGAS Pro until now my clients says that "You're the only person that can repeat the effects of adobe after effects inside VEGAS Pro", "Again you know the feelings...", now it's my 13th slideshow project that I'm uploading for VEGAS Pro users.

I hope you'd like the interest, Let's move towards the tutorial: How to edit and add transitions to your videos in sony vegas pro? Look professional editors use plugins to make their editing more creative, plugins makes it very easy to keep going with the music beats, In VEGAS Pro sapphire plugins are the best plugins I've ever used for adding cinematic/warpy effects and transitions on my videos.

So if you want to edit your videos as a professional editor, then follow these tips, Actually, this is the exact same process that I do while editing my projects in Sony VEGAS Pro. 

  1. After importing your media, mark the places on the timeline where you want to add effects/transitions, It'll help you to add effects/transitions on the exact place where the beats are present, It'll also help you save your time instead of looking again and again for the beats at the soundtrack.
  2. Then start adding transitions to the left and right side of the media or the markers that you inserted one second ago, I use S_Blur Mocurves that's a plugin of sapphire, Mostly I apply this for adding Zoom-In & Zoom-Out effects, Pro tip#1: Try your best to don't make your clips stay for even one frame, Keep moving your clips from one transition to another and then from another to another and so on. If you can do this then congratulation you're a smooth editor, this is called smooth editing.
  3. Now, what's next? Then you can add some color-grading, texture, or flux to make your clips look better, or you can add a colorful animated background, That's what I do while editing.
  4. To make your clips more creative you can add texts and icons with some animations, It'll make your clips looks like a poster design, I hope you'd like this tip.
  5. What if we want to make our clips more creative? Yes, there are many ways to do it, You can add different overlays like I added in my projects which you can see on my YouTube.
  6. Pro tip#2: After adding all of your transitions and effects, add high brightness at the beginning of every clip and then slow it down while moving to another clip, If you want a more creative clip then add the warpy effects at the beginning of the clips, it'll make your clip looks aesthetic and soft. Here are the sample videos about the warpy effects.

I hope these tips will help you to edit your videos inside VEGAS Pro in a more efficient and professional way, Now let's move towards the simple tutorial on how to add smooth transitions to your clips/images, Here I'm just applying transitions to zoom and rotate the images with S_Blur Mocurves inside VEGAS Pro.

Hope so this slideshow tutorial and other stuff including tips, and warpy transitions will help you become a good creative slideshow editor.

What's New In Slideshow (13)?

Whenever I make Video Slideshow Templates I try my best to deliver creativity and something new to my clients because my clients motivate me so it's their right to get quality stuff for which they are waiting and motivated, also this gives me the motivation to learn more and become professional in my editing, This time I also tried my best to deliver the best, I hope you'd like it when you use it, Following are the some new/updated features that I added in the slide(13).

1. Cube-In-Cube Effect

Cube-in-Cube effect

I know I've made this cube in my previous projects but let's look at it again, There's something different in this cube, Actually, there's a cube in another cube if you look at it deeply, Often One cube takes 7 images to combine with one another, but this cube took 14 images, No.1 cube with first 7 images is zoomed-in and is on the upper layer and No.2 cube with the other 7 images is zoomed-out and is on the lower layer, The one more thing that I did to make it a good looking cube, I added glow, star, and sparkle effects on the No.2 cube to make it look different from the first one.

2. Pyramid With Creative Background

Showcasing 3D-Pyramid effect

The next great thing in the slide(13) is the 3D Pyramid with a transparent cube border with 8 images, one has been set in the background in black & white and the other 7 are adjusted in the pyramid as a shape. The pyramid shape comes in with a zoom-in and a rotating effect and exits on zoom-out shake, I also imported an overlay in screen blending mode for the decoration, After that the next feature comes.

3. 3D Outro

3D Text effect for the Outro of the slideshow

Before starting I thought I'd create a 3D text effect as something amazing for this project and as for the clients to replace their words in 3D in VEGAS Pro. The things that I did to make this text 3D are the shadow, lines, shake effect, and the best but not the least 3D overlay with matching color, I hope VEGAS Pro users will love to replace their name in this outro.

Download Free Soft/Aesthetic Slideshow - VEGAS Pro

Download the Slideshow (13) with the best modern effects and transitions for Sony VEGAS Pro, If You're a VEGAS Pro user then take the advantage of best stylish VEGAS Pro transitions and make your images and videos even more mesmerizing with these soft/aesthetic effects, After using your images in the project, the slides of this project will give you the opportunity to learn and create your own slideshow with your photos, You can use this template to showcase your best favorite images and fashion photoshoots in stylish elements.

Let's have look at the full video tutorial on how to use this Sony VEGAS Pro template and replace your images, video, and text with mine.

Slideshow (13).rar 120.86MB
Mirror Download Link

This video is showing and explains everything that you need to know while using this project template in VEGAS Pro, Slideshow(13) includes all the important stuff that is required, I tried to include all the possibilities that are required for a smooth slideshow video edit including 3D Cube and 3D Pyramid effect first time in VEGAS Pro, overlays, and finally a 3D Outro for free.


I hope you enjoyed the guide about professional editing, my skills to edit videos in 2024, And last but not least Slideshow(13) template for VEGAS Pro. Now it's your turn to tell me that which thing from today's guide you liked the most and what you're going to do in the future? Are you going to make a slideshow video for your fashion photoshoots or improve your skills in editing?

Let me know by leaving a quick comment below right now.

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