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7 Best Internet Service Providers In Chakwal: Top FFTH Services In 2023

Are you looking for top internet services in Chakwal? Well, check out our list. We've figured out some of the best to consider in 2023!

In this era of technology, the internet has become a need rather than a want. It is easier to spend a day using the internet somehow. Whether for work, school, or entertainment, we all need it. This is why finding a good and reliable internet service provider (ISP) is so important.

Today we'll look at the best internet providers offering high-speed fiber optical internet in Chakwal.

Top ISPs in Chakwal, Pakistan
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If you're a content creator looking for a fast internet connection to stream and post your content, then you're at the right place. We have figured out the top FFTH fast internet services for your area at affordable prices.

Seven Best Internet Services in Chakwal 2023

There are thousands of ISPs in Pakistan, but not all are reliable. Because this industry is very competitive, many ISPs will come and go every year. To help you find the best internet service providers in Chakwal, we have compiled a list of the top 7 internet service providers that have proven themselves to be the cream of the crop.

Now let's have a look at their features and prices one by one.


PTCL Internet Service - Shinesfox

PTCL is a well-recognized ISP in Chakwal. They have been in business for over two decades and are one of the best internet service providers in the country. PTCL offers high-speed internet at an affordable price, with an excellent customer service team to help you with any problems.

Enjoy unlimited streaming and downloading with Pakistan's most trusted internet company.

Broadband Pricing (DSL) Packages

Speed Volume Rs. /Monthth>
6Mbps Unlimited 1,875 PKR
8Mbps Unlimited 2,355 PKR
15Mbps Unlimited 2,870 PKR
25Mbps Unlimited 3,445 PKR
50Mbps Unlimited 5,295 PKR
100Mbps Unlimited 7,845 PKR

PTCL Flash Fiber

PTCL has also introduced its new service which is PTCL Flash Fiber, Flash Fiber is PTCL’s premium Fiber-to-the-Home service. It’s designed to give you the fastest internet in town, with up to 1Gbps. Enjoy unlimited downloads and blazing speed that you’ve never experienced before.

PTCL Flash Fiber Packages

Speed Volume Rs. /Month Add-on
10Mbps Unlimited 2,899+TAX PKR Free Smart TV App, VAS Bundle, and Unlimited On-Net Minutes
20Mbps Unlimited 3,429+TAX PKR Free Smart TV App, VAS Bundle, and Unlimited On-Net Minutes
30Mbps Unlimited 3,699+TAX PKR Free Smart TV App, VAS Bundle, and Unlimited On-Net Minutes
50Mbps Unlimited 5,099+TAX PKR Free Smart TV App, VAS Bundle, and Unlimited On-Net Minutes
75Mbps Unlimited 7,049+TAX PKR Free Smart TV App, VAS Bundle, and Unlimited On-Net Minutes
100Mbps Unlimited 8,249+TAX PKR Free Smart TV App, VAS Bundle, and Unlimited On-Net Minutes
250Mbps Unlimited 15,299+TAX PKR Free Smart TV App, VAS Bundle, and Unlimited On-Net Minutes

PTCL Internet is Pakistan's most trusted and reliable high-speed internet service provider. It provides a wide range of internet plans for online streaming and browsing, computer games, online learning, and much more. Our broadband services are available from our vast network across Pakistan. PTCL also provides wireless high-speed data connection to its users with different devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, smart TVs, etc.


  • No coverage issue, PTCL is available in more than 200 cities in Pakistan
  • Enjoy the FreeL Smart Tv App with various national and international channels
  • Free PTCL On-Net Minutes for unlimited calling
  • 24/7 hours customer support
  • Support up to 1Gbps

Address: PTCL Exchange Office Near Pakistan Post Talagang Road, Chakwal

The best thing about this network is it covers most cities of the country and it's the official company of the Pakistan government.

2. Century Hub (Waqas Internet Chakwal)

Century Hub Internet Service - Shinesfox

Century Hub is another internet company that provides Fiber-to-the-Home service covering most areas of Chakwal. In fact, this is the same internet service that we're using, and after using it for a long time we concluded that it's the best FTTH service in my area.

The other name of this company is Waqas Internet Chakwal, It started by offering a wireless internet connection and upgraded to fiber technology over time.

The fantastic news about this network is its free installation, just give the order the century hub team will install the internet for 100% free at your home.

Speed Volume Rs. /Month
4Mbps Unlimited 1,500 PKR
6Mbps Unlimited 1,850 PKR
8Mbps Unlimited 2,300 PKR
10Mbps Unlimited 2,800 PKR
15Mbps Unlimited 3,500 PKR
20Mbps Unlimited 4,300PKR
35Mbps Unlimited 5,000 PKR

Also, the speed plans offered by century hub are very considerable, If you're looking for the cheapest internet service provider in Chakwal then Century Hub ( Waqas Internet Chakwal) is the best option for you.


  • Chakwal's first Fiber-to-the-home service
  • 40-200Mbps packages are also available
  • 3 days of Abler trial
  • With the double uploading speed
  • Special gaming server for low ping

Address: Office#11, First-Floor Ejaz Plaza, Talagang Road, Chakwal

In short, Century Hub is the best ISP in Chakwal hands down. If you're looking for a reliable, affordable internet connection, they're the company you want.

3. Net-Cloud Telecom (Barah Networks PVT Ltd.)

Net-cloud Internet Service - Shinesfox

Net-Cloud Telecom is yet another great internet service provider in this area, It's also called Barah Networks on the map, which is a private company and providing its services for many years.

Net-Cloud Telecom (Barah Networks PVT Ltd.) is one of the best Internet service providers that offer er two types of services, a connection with optical fiber cable and a connection without wire (wireless). Net-Cloud is famous for its fiber connection which delivers fast, secure, and reliable internet.

They offer a variety of plans to meet your needs and budget. Net-cloud also has a good reputation as they have very good customer service, so you don't need to worry about your connection problems, Enjoy unlimited fiber internet with double uploading speed.

Speed Volume Rs. /Month Installation Charges
4+Mbps Unlimited 2,150 PKR 4,000 PKR
6+Mbps Unlimited 3,250 PKR 4,000 PKR
8+Mbps Unlimited 4,250 PKR 4,000 PKR
10+Mbps Unlimited 5,500 PKR 4,000 PKR
12+Mbps Unlimited 6,500 PKR 15,000 PKR
15+Mbps Unlimited 7,800 PKR 15,000 PKR
20+Mbps Unlimited 9,200 PKR 15,000 PKR
25+Mbps Unlimited 11,000 PKR 15,000 PKR


  • Improved coverage: It covers most areas of Chakwal and still striving for more to cover.
  • Stable speed: According to the customer feedback their speed stays stable most of the time.
  • 1Gbps data rate: Net-cloud support up to 1Gbps high-speed data rate for fast streaming.
  • quick support: They provide quick support regarding any internet connection problem you're encountering.

Address: Office#1 2nd Floor Al Fateh Plaza, Talagang Hwy, Chakwal, Punjab 48800

This company also started its service by offering wireless connection but with time they've upgraded to optical fiber service. They also have a wide coverage area, so you can get Internet access no matter where you are in Chakwal.

4. Ocean Cables

Ocean Cables is a multi-service company that's constantly expanding in Chakwal, along with the Internet it also offers other services. They have a network of over 500 kilometers of optical fiber and coaxial connections.

Ocean Cable provides the following three services:

  • Cable TV 
  • Digital TV
  • Cable Internet

Speed Volume Rs. /Month
2Mbps Unlimited 7,00 PKR
4Mbps Unlimited 1,200 PKR
6Mbps Unlimited 1,800 PKR
8Mbps Unlimited 2,200 PKR
10Mbps Unlimited 2,600 PKR
12Mbps Unlimited 3,000PKR


  • Multiple services: Ocean Cables provides three services to satisfy your needs.
  • Cheap rates: Internet plans are quite low to fulfill your requirements.
  • Customer support for all services
  • No connection fee

Address: Affaq Plaza 1st-floor railway road, Talagang Hwy, near Shell petrol pump, Chakwal, Punjab

Because of its multi-services, it is rapidly expanding and quickly becoming one of the leading service providers in Chakwal. One of the main advantages of ocean cable is its free installation; there are no service charges to install an internet connection.

5. C4 Internet Service Chakwal

C4 Internet is another fastest growing Fiber To The Home (FTTH) service covering various areas in Chakwal. Just like the others, there is no data cap or allowance on C4 Chakwal. The installation charges are 100% free but It costs 1000 rupees charges for the WIFI router and fiber cable.

Speed Volume Rs. /Month
Student Package 3Mbps Unlimited 1,300 PKR
Basic Package 6Mbps Unlimited 1,600 PKR
Silver Package 9Mbps Unlimited 1,800 PKR
Platinum Package 12Mbps Unlimited 2,100 PKR
Gold Package 15Mbps Unlimited 2,400 PKR
Premium Package 18Mbps Unlimited 2,700PKR

Business speed packages are also available offering speeds up to 50Mbps.


  • Covering most areas of the Chakwal
  • Cheap data plans
  • Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH)
  • 24/7 hours support
  • No data cap


Main Office: Room No. 5, Sadwal Plaza Bhaun Road, Chakwal, Pakistan

Sub Office: Melad Cowk Moti Bazaar, Chakwal, Pakistan

The great thing about this company is that it offers a variety of many areas of Chakwal, and outperforms its competitors in terms of features such as cheap data plans, advanced router devices, and many more.

6. Smartsys PVT Ltd.

Smart Sys Internet Service - Shinesfox

Moving onwards in our list we've Smartsys, which offers 2 different packages to fulfill your requirements, a wireless connection, and a fiber connection. Both options come with a variety of features that allow users to customize their experience. The wireless connection is cheaper than fiber because it doesn't require any fiber cable in it.

Wireless connection

The wireless connection is great for those who want a fast and reliable connection without having to worry about cables.

The internet plans for wireless connection are:

Speed Volume Rs. /Month
3Mbps Unlimited 1,500 PKR
5Mbps Unlimited 2,000 PKR
10Mbps Unlimited 2,500 PKR
15Mbps Unlimited 3,500 PKR

Optical Fiber connection

The optical fiber connection is perfect for people who need a fast and reliable connection for gaming or other activities that require high bandwidth.

The internet plans for optical fiber connection are:

Speed Volume Rs. /Month
7Mbps Unlimited 1,600 PKR
10Mbps Unlimited 2,000 PKR
15Mbps Unlimited 2,500 PKR
20Mbps Unlimited 3,000 PKR
25Mbps Unlimited 4,000 PKR
50Mbps Unlimited 6,500 PKR
75Mbps Unlimited 8,500 PKR
100Mbps Unlimited 10,000 PKR


  • Two Internet connection choices to match your requirements
  • Wireless internet connection
  • Fiber Optic internet connection
  • Best Coverage: Providing internet service in Chakwal, Jehlum, and Rawalpindi and looking forward to more areas
  • 24/7 hours support
  • Fast servers for gaming

Address: Haji Fazal Din Plaza, 2nd Floor, Urdu Bazar, Chakwal

Enjoy unlimited downloading, double uploading, streaming, and gaming with Smartsy's fast servers.

7. Aero Communication BroadBand (PVT Ltd.)

Aero Communication BroadBand Internet Service - Shinesfox

Moving on to our final recommendation, Aero Communication BroadBand PVT Ltd. This is also an excellent alternative to other private organizations, if you're more focused on the wireless connection then this is the best option for you. They offer cheaper internet plans for wireless connection also their installation fee is very low. In addition, aero communication broadband is launching its fiber service very soon in Chakwal.

Speed Volume Rs. /Month
2Mbps Unlimited 999 PKR
4Mbps Unlimited 1, 499 PKR
6Mbps Unlimited 1,799 PKR
10Mbps Unlimited 2,999 PKR


  • Unlimited Downloading
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Free router
  • Low installation
  • Low internet plans

Address: Office#9 2nd Floor, Sadwal Plaza Bhoun Road, Chakwal

Best ISPs Chakwal Pakistan(Web story):

Wrapping Up - Best Internet Service Providers

We think you've answered about the top internet services in Chakwal, Pakistan. Now it's your turn to give feedback about today's list and which service you liked the most in today's list by leaving a quick comment. If you've any queries about the list or services, feel free to comment or contact us via the contact page.

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