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SEASOL Is The Best High Speed Network Internet I Have Ever Used

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Are You Looking For Best High Speed Internet In Chakwal And Rawalpindi? Today I'm Going To Tell You About The Best High Speed Internet And The Best Network That I'm Using In My House Since One Year Without Facing Any Problems. Seasol is linked with Net-Cloud Telecom Private Limited, Which Is The Best High Speed Internet In Chakwal And Rawalpindi. Network Is A Collection Of Different Computer Networks Connected Together To Share Data,Files,Information Or Resources From One Place To Another Place. These Computer Network Are Connected Together Through Communication Media, The Communication Media Can Be A Physical Cable Or Wireless Connection. Seasol Internet Is Wireless Based Which Use Microwaves And Radio Waves To Send Or Receive Data. There Are Different Kinds Of Network Which Transfer Data According To The Way They Are Used And The Distance They Cover. Seasol Internet Company Is Using More Than One Networks To Send And Receive Data (For Sending The Data To Us(Their Customers) And To Receive Data From The Main Office) This Network Uses PAN To Transfer Data To Us And WAN For Receiving Data From The Main Company, For Example The Seasol Network Chakwal Is Using PAN To Receive Data From The Main Company Office Situated In Islamabad. You'll Also See LAN Which Connects The Modem Or Adapter To Your Computer To Get Connected With The Internet. Seasol Will Provide You These Devices.
Seasol Is The Best High Speed Internet Networking Company In Chakwal And Rawalpindi With Many Services Including (Call Center/Helpline Solution,Point To Point Wireless Connectivity,Server Hosting,Cloud Services,Passive Optical Network,Home Internet Services,Corporate Internet Service).

The Service That I Am Using Is The "Home Internet Services" And After Using It I Want To Tell You That This Is The Best Internet Unlimited Services I Have Ever Used.
Their Internet services Is Fiber Optical Technology So You Don't Have To Worry About Breaking Or Any Other Damages Of The Cables And Due To Fiber Wireless Their Speed Is STUNNING.
It Is Totally Unlimited At Cheap Rates.
This High Speed Internet Company Have Very Cheap Rates For Unlimited Service Where You Will Be Able To Enjoy Unlimited Downloads Without Any Worries About The Data.


I Am Using 4 mbps(Unlimited Downloads) Service, I Test My Speed Almost Everyday And Believe Me Maximum Time I Found My Speed About 4.10 mbps(465kb/s), Sometime I Found It Between 3.90 mbps To 3.20 mbps But Maximum Time It's Speed Is 4.0 mbps,4.05 mbps Or 4.10 mbps.
So I Want To Know You That You Can Trust At This Company's Speed Like I Trusted, If You're Looking For Best And Unlimited Internet Service In Your City Then I'll Recommend You To Set Up This Services And Enjoy With No Worries But If This Company Is Available In Your City Only Then You'll Be Able To Enjoy The Internet Of Seasol Company.

Here Is The Total Amount Which Would Be Taken When You Set Up This Internet Service

1. 3000 Will Be Taken For Their Router Security, This Amount Would Be Returned When You Turn Off Your Internet Service In Future.
2. 4000 Will Be Taken For Lite Beam Device Security, This Amount Would Also Be Returned When You Close This Service.
3. 1000 Would Be Taken For Installation.
4. 500 Will Be Taken For Activation.
5. Bill Amount(According To Your Selected Package/Speed) Advance.


1. RAWALPINDI (Office # 09, 3rd Floor, Kala Khan Shopping Mall, Murree Road, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.)
Contact #: +92 514 854 220
2. CHAKWAL (Office # 12 First Floor Ibrahim Arcade, 1591 Talagang Road Chakwal, Pakistan.)
Contact #: +92 543 553 771


What Happens When I Got A Problem From This Network? It Rarely Happens When Sometime My Internet Slow Down And Sometimes Completely Stop Working, But Mostly It Takes Half An Hour Or An Full Hour To Be Fixed, And When It Does Not Fix Then You Can Call Company's Workers And Mostly Between 1 And 5 Hours They Would Be In Your Home To See The Actual Malfunction For The Reason Your Internet Is Not Working. They Bring Their Instruments With Them To Specify And Fix The Problems. Sometimes They Just Change Old Equipments That Are Connected With The Devices In Your Home, Obviously Free Of Cost. So I Want To Tell You That Their Service Is The Best Internet Service As Compared To Other Networks. Now There Are Many Network Companies In Pakistan That Won't Work Probably Because I Have Used Some Of Them And When I Was Using, I Mostly Get Errors In Every Weak, My  Internet Goes Down And Mostly It Stop Working At Raining Days. There Are Also Other Companies Coming In Pakistan And They Are Doing Their Best Efforts To Get Their Position At Top, Most Famous Companies Of Pakistan Are PTCL,Nayatel,FiberLink,Optix,Qubee,Stormfiber,Wi-Tribe And My Most Favorite Is Best High Speed SEASOL PVT LTD Because I'm Fully Satisfied With It. I Rank It The Best High Speed Internet In Chakwal.

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There Are Also Many Other Services Of SEASOL (PVT LTD.)

If You Want To Use Other Services Of Seasol Then You Can Contact At Their Facebook Page Or From The Given Number.

Facebook : Seasol(Pvt Ltd.) Page
Contact Number : +92 514 854 220
If You Want Some More Information About This Company, Here You Can Get Some More Of It
My YouTube : Shines Fox


High speed internet in chakwal And Rwalapindi

SEASOL Is A Highly Secured And Latest Internet Technology Which Provides You Best Internet Service In Pakistan. SEASOL Provide You Internet Service Based On Wireless Connection Technology At Incredible Fast Speed. It Is The Best High Speed Internet In Chakwal And Rawalpindi
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