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Experience royalty-free slideshow template that include 5+ new stunning effects and transitions, It include all the possible content that's required.

Shinesfox is presenting you the best royalty-free dynamic slideshow template for sony vegas pro. By using this template you can enhance your visual effects with prebuilt sony vegas presets and template, you can add 22 images in the project file to feel motivated and enjoy a professional AMV Video to share with your friends family. Use this template to show your cool photos in AMV style professionally, Enjoy this modern-looking graphics animated free slideshow template by placing your images inside sony vegas pro.

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What About New Improvements?

Intro Text Intro Logo

The Stunning Animated Text Intro is the first improvement that's made in this slideshow. This time I made a text intro that's appearing at the very beginning of the slideshow, I created this intro because it's giving a very volumetric and modern look to the slideshow and especially that the sliding line is making this royalty-free sony vegas slideshow more amazing. So this is also a new animated intro template for sony vegas in which you can put your text. I hope you'd love it. 

When you have a beginning background sound in your music, then an intro is the best thing that can make your slideshow amazing. So I also decided to make an intro for my Company and I think it's great for a royalty-free slideshow template in sony vegas pro? Yup (when replacing images) you can also use this intro for your video. I also included Shinesfox intro in the file. Do you want to know that How to use Sony Vegas Templates? or How do you edit a template in Sony Vegas?, I'm also thinking to start tutorials for these types of intros and Slideshows, Stay tuned with me and subscribe to my YouTube Channel to learn these slideshows inside sony vegas pro.

Many editors prefer to add the Picture-In-Picture effect to make the video more effective, So I also tried it in my latest royalty-free slideshow template and this is my new way to add the Picture-In-Picture effect by using sony vegas. In editing when we get in the middle then it's difficult to find and introduce new effects, But this the time where you know more about your editing skills. So this was the same stage for me and I created this effect and I hope you'd like it. Watch the following video to enjoy this slideshow.

3D cube is the most famous effect that many editors use in their fast slides, creating 3d cube in sony vegas is easy and to be honest with you, I created this by following a video on YouTube, and now you and I can enjoy it with just replacing our desired photos in this royalty-free sony vegas template. The amazing thing about this effect is its background, the overlay that I used in the background is awesome and is making this stage Stunning and modern. Feroze Khan is a famous actor in Pakistan, I saw some plays/serials of Feroze Khan and I really liked his acting, so now he has become my favorite actor in Pakistan. So I decided to edit a video for Feroze khan and upload it on Instagram to show my love for Feroze khan, I took some of my favorite Feroze khan photos from Instagram and created a slideshow in sony vegas. I hope he likes it if he sees it.

My most favorite and new effect in this sony vegas pro Slideshow template is a 3D pyramid, if you're using my templates then I hope you'd be very happy and excited to see your photos in this 3d triangle effect which I created inside sony vegas pro for royalty-free slideshow template. There were many difficulties in creating this effect inside sony vegas but after some more hard and caution work, at last, I finished the 3d pyramid effect for sony vegas, pro users, by introducing a new effect in Shinesfox templates. I hope you'd love it more.

In my recent posts, I got a very good response from Sony VEGAS Pro Users so I decided to work hard and create something unique and amazing from my other slideshows which I created in sony vegas pro. So as you can see and read I created something unique from other slideshow Templates. I hope that these new Improvements would give you a more effective Slideshow and new effects. You can download this royalty-free sony vegas slideshow project template and make presets and customize effects in your own way. This project file contains the following features.

Project Features

  • Up to 22 photo placeholders
  • There are 2 animated text placeholders
  • Instagram HD 630×640
  • Music is included
  • This project can be used with Sony Vegas Pro 12.0, Sony Vegas Pro 13.0, Sony Vegas Pro 14.0, Sony Vegas Pro 15.0, Sony Vegas Pro 16.0, Sony Vegas Pro 17.0
  • Color control is enabled
  • Control easy customization
  • Change settings with video FX
  • Change text, paste your photos
  • Fast render
  • Watch the following video for help
  • Royalty-free music

Project Resolution

Instagram HD 640×650

Files Used

Project(.VEG), Overlays, Images, Sound, Fonts

Plugins Used

Sapphire Plugins From BorisFX

Download this modern-looking slideshow template for sony vegas pro for 100% free. Sony vegas slideshow 11 contains a pack of fonts, these fonts must be installed for getting no errors and a pack of amazing overlays for editing. You can also use these overlays for your editing. Like always I used some plugins of Sapphire, make sure you've installed sapphire plugins otherwise different effects will not work without sapphire plugins. A fast, short, and dynamic opener slideshow template with powerful animated transitions and a lot of cool effects will have a great impression on an amazing intro, video portfolio, and reels. Share your memories with friends or collect the best photos from your last travel and enjoy the royalty-free dynamic slideshow in sony vegas. Showing a fast, short, and animated slideshow with a piece of cool music is a cool unique way to share emotions with your friends and loved ones.

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My Request To You

These types of fast royalty-free slideshows are difficult to edit and they take a lot of time in editing, but after getting a very good response from vegas pro users I decided to create more royalty-free slideshow project templates in sony vegas pro. My only request to you guys is that please share this article anywhere you want, fill this heart by sharing this article and video, I hope you'd love Slideshow 11 for sony vegas pro. Support me so that I create more for you.


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