Sony Vegas Po Template: Watch Me Edit Photo Slideshow (05)

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Slideshow (5) Free VEGAS Pro template

Sony Vegas Po Template: Watch Me Edit Photo Slideshow (05)

Today I Am Giving You My Most Favourite Video Star Video That I Remade Inside Sony Vegas Pro, Video Star Is The Video Editor App Specially Designed For Apple Phones, A Lot Of Tools & Features Are presented in It, which are Enough For A Smooth Amazing Slideshow Video. You Can Download & Manually Create Video Star Filters In The Form Of QR Codes, Any Video Star Editor Who Creates Effects Has The Options To Convert The Effects into video Star QR Codes To Use Later, At Instagram There Are A Lot Of Video Star Editors, They Are Making Great Video Star Edits And Uploading On Instagram, Video Star QR Codes Is A Very Impressive Thing To Make Editing Fast & Easy Inside Video Star App.


Presenting You The Photo Slideshow (05) For Sony Vegas Pro

In This Template, I Remade An Video Star's Edit Inside VEGAS Pro Which I Liked So Much, So I Made It For Me And For VEGAS Pro's Users, You Can Also Replace Your Photos In This Template.

After Making Some Slides & Templates For VEGAS & Photoshop, Now I Was Looking For Another Edit That I Can Remake Inside VEGAS Pro To Provide You, Then I Found This Stunning Slide I Watched It For Almost 10 Times Before The Selection, After Listening And Watching This Video Clip I Really Loved Its Music And Confirmed To Remake Inside VEGAS Pro, This Clip That I Have Selected For Remaking, Was Edit By My Most Favorite Editor @Strngery, Her Edits Are Awesome, Because It Was Very Smooth With Astonishing Effects I Decided To Remake It, I Really Want To Watch It Again And Again Its Music Is Very Nice, Moving Next, Then I Downloaded Some Pics From Instagram For Editing, After Adjusting Their Frame Sizes In Photoshop I Started A Project Inside VEGAS Pro, When Editing Most Effects Was New And Difficult For Me To Edit, But Somehow I Managed To Learn Some Effects From YouTube. Then I Also Learned Some New Effects Because Of This Video Inside Sony VEGAS Pro(I'm Looking Forward To Upload Sony Vegas Pro Tutorials On My YouTube, Give Me Suggestions In The Comments), This Time Also Dis My Best To Edit It Smooth And Match With Exact Music At The Beginning She Placed Some Text With The Music Voice, But I Want To Show More Photos In This Template So I Placed Some Photos Instead, Her Text Was Looking More Good Than My Photos I Realized This After Uploading 🤣. This Time I Took Some More Time To Edit This Template Because Of Some New Effects And Also I Was A Little Busy, You Will Need 21 Photos To Replace In This Template And Their Size Should Be 540*600 Or If You Can't Resize Then You Can Also Adjust In The Event Video FX Inside Sony VEGAS Pro. One Not Good Thing About This Project Is The Instagram Logo For Showing Your Instagram Profile(I'm Really Sorry For It), I Hope, You'd Like This Slide More Than The Others I'm Trying My Best To Improve My Work To Get The Best And Smooth Results Like The Others, There Is Full Use Of Sapphire Plugins In This Template, So You Must Have Installed Sapphire Plugins Inside VEGAS Pro, Otherwise It Will Not Work. This Project Can Also Be Used In Most VEGAS Pro's Versions, In Some Of The Old Versions Maybe It Will Won't Work Like Svp 11.0, 12.0, & 13.0, I'm Using VEGAS Pro 15.0, So Keep In Mind That You Have 15.0 Or The Latest.

Project Resolution

Instagram HD 640×650

Files Used

Project(.VEG), Overlays, Images, Sound, Fonts

Plugins Used

Sapphire Plugins From BorisFX

If You Do Something Wrong Then You Will Get Errors While Editing Or Opening, And You Can Also Get Fonts Issues So Read The Following Instructions Carefully To Avoid Errors Watch The Following Tutorial To Use The Project.


1. Download The File By Following Download Button And Make Sure You Extract This Template At Your Desktop, Otherwise, Maybe You'll Get Some Errors.

2. In Many Cases Fonts Is A Very Big Problem While Opening This Project So Please Install The Fonts Included In The File First Before Opening.

3. In The File There Will Be A Folder Of Images For Placing Your Photos, Because I Created This Project For Instagram So Please Sure That Your Images Has Width=540 & Height=600(IMPORTANT).

4. After Doing The Initial Steps Correctly, Then You Can Open Project(Main Template. VEG).

5. When You Open This Project Then VEGAS Pro Will Check The Files That Are Used In This Template, In case If You Get Any Missing File Error, Then Look For That Exact Name File That VEGAS Pro Is Asking In The Project Folder(The Files That You Extracted After Downloading) And Select To Open From VEGAS Pro. If There Is No File That Matches With Error File Name Then You Can Skip.

6. After(Editing) Changing The Text Or What You Want, Go For Rendering, Here Chose Any 29fps Template, After That Go To Customize Option & Then Go To Custom Frame Size, And Set Your Width=540 And Height=600.

In case You're Getting Some Errors With This Project Then Watch The Following Video Tutorial.

Let's Have A Look At The Template's Result In The Following Video.

Slideshow (05).rar 26.94MB
Mirror Download Link

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Video Star Is An Awesome App For iPhone To Create AMV Edit Using Video Star QR Codes, Video Star App Is Totally Free For iPhone Users, A Lot Of Video Star Editor Use It To Create Amazing Edits, I Hope You'd Like This Free Project For Sony VEGAS Pro, Thank You For Staying.

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