Hi I Am Usman Khan 21 Years Old

I Studied At Government High School And Now Doing Bs-Computer Science. I Am Using Adobe Photoshop For 3 Years And VEGAS Pro For 2 Years, Through This Site I Want To Show My Creation Templates Intro Photo SlideShows Plugins Or What I Can Provide You And The World.

Let's See My Story

Video Editing And Photo Editing Are My Biggest Hobbies. Everyday I Try To Find Some New Effects For My Videos And Photos, Finding New And Best Cinematic Color Grading Changing Background etc Effects For Photos I Found That Adobe Photoshop Is The Best Photo Editing Software For Photos. So I Started Learning It From YouTube And Google After 4 Years Using It, Now I Love It And Sometime I want To Do Some Strange Effects Like Neon Stroke Line and many Other And Photoshop Allow Me To Do These Effects With Almost All The Features Which Includes Enough Tools. Now Let's Come To Video Editing.

When I Found That We Can Almost Change Our Photos To Best Cinematic Look  From This Software Then I Decided That I Should Also Try Videos To Edit And Share With My Friends And Clients, Especially I Love To Slow Down My Videos With Sound And Also Love Color Grading. Then A New Passion Of Photo SlideShows Came To My Mind, Then I Started Finding Stuff From Instagram And Finally Found Some Stunning SlideShows, Then I Started Searching About Best Video Editing Software, Obviously Adobe's Products Are The Best Products But At That Time They Was Difficult For Me To Use, Then I Found A Software Named As MAGIX VEGAS Pro. After Using It For Sometime I Was Happy That I Have Chosen A Good Product. It's Perfect For Photo SlideShows, Then I Started To Learn It From Deep And With Full Tools Including With It. After I Thought That I Should Publish My Work And Creation To The World, By Starting A YouTube Channel And Creating A Website, From Almost 6 Months I Am Uploading My Work And Creation For Adobe Photoshop And VEGAS Pro. I'm Paying More Attention To VEGAS Pro Because There Are Already Many Artists For Photoshop, So I Decided To Pay More Attention To VEGAS Pro And Sharing My Work With VEGAS Pro Users.

My Request Is That You Guys Please Do Subscribe My YouTube Channel And Visit My Site Daily For Updates. I Hope You Guys Would Have Liked To Visit This Site.

NOTE : If You Have Any Questions You Can Ask At Usman08228@gmail.com.

Thank You For Visiting Shines Fox.



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