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Are you looking for High Speed internet in Chakwal Pakistan? Here i'm going to tell you about the best high speed Fiber-Optic Technology Network Internet running in chakwal Pakistan. Here you'll also know about Net-Cloud Telecom Prices And Speeds and How To Apply For Net-Cloud Telecom internet service.

Net-Cloud Telecom is the best internet in chakwal which offers internet service with the greatest coverage. This is the 2nd largest internet service provider in chakwal, you'll experience best speed in chakwal with upto 8Mbps, by using this internet enjoy YouTube videos with no buffering and brows through internet with fast fiber-optic technology. The valuable advantage is that you can connect multiple devices to the same internet connection without noticing any slowdowns. Comparing with PTCL in chakwal, net-cloud has grown to become one of the top two largest Internet provider in chakwal, their wireless technology have the widest coverage around chakwal.

Net-Cloud Telecom is running wireless connection and due to fiber-optic technology the speed of this network never slows down. I'm running Seasol Private Limited, Internet which is also very good due to fiber and wireless connectivity. Net-Cloud is same like Seasol because these both companies are receiving internet service from PTCL with the difference of wireless connectivity so you won't notice any speed difference between Seasol And Net-Cloud Telecom. I'm running 4 Mbps in my home and I test my internet speed almost everyday and trust me mostly i found my speed 3.00 Mbps to 3.70-80 Mbps and i'm satisfied with this speed in day, and this is right that my speed goes 4 Mbps and sometimes above 4 Mbps at night. You'll also notice more speed at night because at this time the load on the server is less and you get your maximum speed, so from here we can also confirm that my internet provider is giving me my desired speed/package or not? If you apply for 8 Mbps and you're not so far from the main antenna of your internet provider office then you should have almost 6-7 Mbps in day and 8 Mbps at night.

How Net-Cloud Telecom Works?


A transmitter is mounted on the roof of your internet service provider office which transmit signals all around, these signals travel using radio waves as i explained in Seasol Article, Server computer's wireless adapter translates data into a radio signal and transmits it using an antenna.


A worker of the internet provider will install a liteBeam on your roof, this litebeam will receive signals from the transmitter and wire from litebeam will be connected to the modem device in your room from where you will be able to access the internet.

Net-Cloud Telecom Prices And Speeds

2nd Largest Coverage In Chakwal, Wireless Fiber Optic Technology, No Worries Of Cables

# Speed Volume Price
1 2 Mbps Unlimited 1,550
2 4 Mbps Unlimited 2,150
3 8 Mbps Unlimited 4,250

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to residential internet services. In this service you can get a variety of internet bundle deals that will definitely fit your unique needs. I think prices of this network are reasonable for high speed unlimited internet in chakwal.

How To Apply For Net-Cloud Telecom Private Limited

Go to the net-cloud office and fill out a form there, also take a copy of your ID card there, Within 2-5 days a net-cloud worker will come to your home to install the internet.

Address Of Net-Cloud Telecom Private Limited
Office#106, Haq Nawaz Arcade, Bhoun Rd, Chakwal, Punjab 48800.
Address, Net-Cloud Telecom.

If you can't go to the office then you can contact Net-Cloud Telecom by the given Number,E-mail or Facebook page.

I hope that after reading this article you have found the best internet in chakwal pakistan, if you have found the best high speed internet in chakwal then share this post with your friends and loved ones so that they can also enjoy unlimited internet in chakwal. I hope that you'll also prefer Net-Cloud Telecom the best high speed internet in chakwal after using their service of internet. In these days we want some entertainment inside our houses, here internet is the best thing to entertain you in your home, but what about the data? if you're living in Chakwal and searching for an High Speed Internet then go to the office of telecom and enjoy their Unlimited internet service with no worries of data. If you have any query suggestion about this post or regarding to this site then feel free to comment below, keep visiting Shines Fox for more amazing articles, Thanks.



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