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Do you love the vintage and retro look? If so, this post is for you. Today we are presenting a free premium text effects PSD file. Download this free PSD file and use it to add a 3D retro premium text effect to your own designs. All the layers in each file are unlocked to make things easier for you, so you can edit them as you want or copy and paste parts of the design into another document. This retro premium text effect can be used for websites, logos, branding, advertisements, posters, and other creative projects that need an attractive tagline or slogan. You can download this free premium text-effect PSD file with no restrictions and use it in your personal or commercial projects. So what are you waiting for?

3D Retro Premium Text Effect Free PSD - Photoshop

You need to be ready with the correct attractive title effect when it comes to designing and producing websites, logos, branding, and other creative initiatives. The title will be the first thing a visitor to your website or project will notice. You can't afford to give the wrong impression right away.
However, not all designers are skilled at producing logos. Here is where a talented designer may really shine. They have the ability to take your concepts and create something amazing!
Hello there, my name is Usman, and today I'll be presenting you the 3D retro premium text effect created inside photoshop.
Guys I Was Trying To Make A 3d Text That Looks Very Cinematic And Neat, But I Was Confuse That What Should Be The Colour Of Text That Will Match With The Background Colour, I Tried Many Colours Of Text With Different Background's Colours But This That's Below Or The Upper One Attracted Me The Most Then I Selected These Two Colours Final.

Then My 2nd Task Was About Font A Really Difficult Task Too Choose Huhu!,First I Tried Some Fonts Which Looks Bold Then I Tried Some Fashionable,Later I Tried Calligraphy Fonts And They Looks Me More Good As Compared To Others One,So This Task Was Also Completed,Then We Can Move About 3D Type,That Through Which Effects I Should Make This Text A Good Looking 3d Text,First Of All I Go With 3D Effect Option Inside Adobe Photoshop CC,I Make A 3d Text,But I Was Confuse That's It's Over Looking,Means It's Was 3D But I Was More 3D Then It Should Be,So Removed That 3D Effect Which I Picked From 3D Option Inside Photoshop,Then I Come To Blending Option Of The Text Layer First I Tried Other Blending Options But That Was Also Not So Good,At The End I Go To "Drop Shadow" Blending Option I Dropped Shadow Of My Text & It Was The First Blending Option That I Liked A Lot So Decided To Bring On With It,The Problem In Drop Shadow Was Actually The Length Of  The Text's Shadow,Actually I Want A Long Length Shadow Because In My Opinion It Should Look More Cinematic,So Then To Be Honest I Searched About "How To Create Long Shadow Text" At YouTube Haha!,Then I Found That Tutorial For Which I Was Searching Then I Applied That Long Shadow Effect To My Text And Its Look Very Good,So Now I Was Happy That I Can Upload This To My YouTube And Site And Now I Have A New Video For My Channel,Then I Decided To Create Some Shape To Make This Text More Cinematic Then I Created A 3 Dot In Line Shape As You Can Below The Text In Sample Photo.

What Is The Purpose Of Telling You This Whole Text Creation Story? 🦳🤣

The Reason Behind Why I Told This Whole Story " How I Make This Text " Is That,So You Can Learn Something Also From This Story,So That You'll Come To Know That How Web,Logo Etc Designers Generate Ideas For Making Such Type Of Cinematic Logos That Attracts Customer Which Buy Their Creation And Designers Make Money From Their Work.

Now Let Go Through Replacing Your Text In This Template

First You Have To Download The Template From The Given Link

Then Export It

Install That Calligraphy Font (That Was My Difficult Task) Included In The File

Then Open .PSD Photoshop Template Inside Adobe Photoshop

This Template Can Be Use In Adobe Photoshop Cs7-

Adobe Photoshop cc 2019

Now You Can Replace Your Text What You Wanted To, With That Same Font

After That You Can Adjust Your Shadow According To Your Text Inside The Software


Actually When I See This Text Every Time It Has A New Different Look So That's Why I Really Liked This Text,It Is Neat Cinematic And You Can Use Also As An PNG File On You Projet After Replacing Your Text,I Also Created Some Other Text And Some Of Them Also Include Logo,You Can Also Save These Text As PNG File And If You Use Any Editing Software Then You Can Animate It,And Can Get A Intro For YouTube,I Suggest You To Try For Making Any Type This Is The Through Designers Generate New Ideas For The Next Level,If You Can Use Adobe Photoshop But Not So Professional Then Work On "Try Again Try Again" Through This You Will Come To Learn A Lot

I Hope You Liked This Text Template

Download: Free 3D Retro Premium Text Effect PSD

In This Template You Can Add Your Own Text Which You Want]

If You Use Sony VEGAS Pro Then You Can Also Make This An Intro For Your Company Because An Intro Animated Intro Clip Is Also Included In The File.

Have A Short View For The Intro And Text

Hi, I'm a video editor making VEGAS Pro templates and getting a very good response from Sony VEGAS Pro users, let me show you my work at @Shinesfox.

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